Thursday, 6 July 2017

Are horror movies disappearing from the Korean film industry?

A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

Whispering Corridors (1998)

R-Point (2004)

Train to Busan (2016)

Get Out (2017)
Naver: Only one horror film this year... Korean horror films have disappeared

1. [+201, -7] R-Point was seriously insane

2. [+112, -6] These days, people are scarier than ghosts

3. [+54, -3] Horror movies that got good reviews include Whispering Corridors, A Tale of Two Sisters, R-Point, Epitaph, Possessed etc all of them were made possible by a good name... these days it's really tough to make a horror film.  If you look at the reviews, most of them can't even get a 7/10 but even so, I'm looking forward for the upcoming horror film 'The Mimic'

4. [+40, 0] Whispering Corridors 1.. that was really well made.. in that scene when Choi Kang Hee was running and behind her so many fell..

5. [+33, 0] Chawz is a horror film? Hul.

6. [+14, 0] What failed horror movies have in common = trash content and just filled with jumpscares

7. [+8, 0] ㅋWhy are they making it seem like it's the audiences fault when it's them who can't make a well made horror film?

8. [+7, 0] Internationally, there's a niche market where low-budget horror films can make a lot of money whereas it's completely different here in our country.  Well-made horror films acknowledged internationally don't rely on cruel costumes or ghosts that appear out of nowhere, they win by the story.  There's definitely a chance for low-budget horror films to succeed on story alone, look at Paranormal Activity, The Ring, and recently Get Out.  Even without full 'horror' scenes, I held my breath the entire time.  So in the end for the ones that fail maybe it's the fault of crappy scripts...... the public say that a lot of old legends are scarier than films nowadays.  Doesn't this just prove that stories are the most important factor when it comes to horror films?

9. [+6, 0] These days people prefer thrillers. Horror films are no fun...

10. [+14, -2] For horror films, no matter how great you make it there's a limit to how much it can succeed...


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