Sunday, 8 January 2017

Monk sets himself on fire at anti-president rally, left a note calling for Park Geun Hye's arrest + Update: Guardians refusing treatment

A Buddhist monk in his 60s set himself on fire in front of Kyeongbok Palace at the anti-president rally.  He left a note urging authorities to arrest Park Geun Hye for committing treason.  He also branded Park Geun Hye as a traitor for forging a deal with Japan to settle compensation for comfort women and called for the Seoul-Tokyo agreement signed in 2015 to be nullified. (Critics say the 2015 deal did not go far enough in holding Japan responsible for the wartime abuse.) 

He was taken to Seoul National University Hospital, in critical condition, suffering severe third-degree burns to nearly 70% of his body.  On his note, he wrote "Please don't let me die in vain."

Self-immolation is not unheard of as a means of protest and was particularly common during the pro-democracy movement in the 80s-90s.  

News1 via Daum: 'Park Geunhye traitor'.. Man in his 50s sets himself on fire in front of Kyeongbok Palace

1. [+13093, -249] If we're going to fight, let's fight against them alive. Even if it's hard, even if it takes a long time, let's not throw away our lives... Praying for his recovery

2. [+11780, -227] You're not the one who should die, why did you do that

3. [+7735, -201] I think there's a lot more that they're hiding from.. Judging the current situation we're in, there's something going on behind the scenes. It's not Saenuri Party is it?

4. [+2838, -62] This is sad.

5. [+2628, -62] I can't take the ugliness happening in this country anymore. How frustrated he must've been with the country to do that

6. [+2430, -60] I feel so bad for the young people on this land, it's unfair for them

7. [+2315, -53] What I've been worrying about might happen, happenedㅠ

8. [+1955, -49] Please don't do this

9. [+1495, -43] Don't hurt yourself because of Park Geun Hye

+ Newsis via Daum: Monk 'sets himself on fire'... 'guardians refusing medical treatment'

1. [+3816, -170] Go peacefully now, monk. Your prayers will be answered.

2. [+3467, -161] So that this monk's sacrifice won't be in vain, we will definitely gather.

3. [+3000, -142] The country's in pieces.!  Let's hurry and impeach Park Geun Hye..... Without the interference of traitors, we'll bring justice!!  For a proper investigation, we need to get rid of ParkSaMo, NIS, ilbe... including Saenuri Party...

4. [+1228, -54] Because of a stupid president, a poor citizen's life is takenㅠㅠ

5. [+1211, -59] It'll go just as you've wished, monk. Please rest well.

6. [+1088, -55] I bow my head for you.

7. [+1007, -40] This is really... so sad.

8. [+833, -42] Don't give up


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