Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Young woman having sex at her own place vs. the neighbour who criticized her for it?

A young woman in her 20's brought her significant other to her rooftop place to visit.  Her room was very small and not soundproof so the couple had to keep the noise down.  When they opened their door in the middle of the night, the door next to them slammed open and an elderly neighbour started screaming at the young woman.

"A woman who lives alone, what right do you have to bring a man over to your place!  I can't believe, a woman doing this!"  The elderly then started to threaten her.  "Does your own mother even know you're acting this way?  I'm going to tell her right this moment.  If you're going to be bringing men to your place, move out right now!"

The young woman could not even act freely in the comfort of her own home and after this incident, she became conscious of her actions.  Even when she talked to her mom who always took her side, the word 'sex' never popped up in their conversation.  As someone officially on the government's map of childbearing age, she felt as if she was in a position where she could not even have sex.

Women in their 30's are criticized by elders for being no-good women not being able to get married whereas women in their mid-20's are criticized for bringing men over to their place.  The young woman feels conflicted about which ideals they expect her to conform to and wonders if the same situation would have played out if she was a man instead.

The young woman feels that she not only has to watch out for her safety as a woman living on her own, now she has to uphold a certain reputation.  Although she knows she shouldn't bother with those types of thoughts, she can't help but feel on edge when she brings her significant other because of the way her neighbours look at her and treat her.

Hankyureh via Daum: "Where do you think you're bringing a man in!"... It was my place but I was kept on my toes

1. [+4510, -426] These old geezers are really overstepping their boundaries.  They're the problem.  With her earned money, do they want her to do it in a car instead?  They don't see the bigger problem, these citizens that are on the same level as Park Geun-hye.

2. [+3397, -347] It's something that we can't even do anywhere we please, and it must be in a place where the others can't hear.  We have to save up money just to book an inn instead, the young generation is pitiful

3. [+2697, -295] Women who live alone have worries and anxiety because of men.  Your home is a place where you're supposed to be the most comfortable and we can't even have that.

4. [+1549, -217] I'm a woman too but this is totally wrong -_-.. The article keeps mentioning it as "her house" and "her place" but she lives in a small room that's not soundproof, do you think the neighbour would want to hear that kind of noise in 'their own house' too??  If she's so caught up in wanting her 'own space' then move to a place where no one can hear you do that.. a room that's as small as a container box can be a total bother, the person here is being way too selfish??!!  If you don't have the money to afford a better, more private place, then save up some money with your part-time job and do your thing at a motel;;;

5. [+1680, -349] The article is a piece of trash.  Without regard to whether you're a male or female, the fact that you're having sex in a place where the neighbour next to you can hear everything you're doing, isn't it basic manners to think about the neighbour?  That's the problem here.

6. [+1073, -147] I understand what the article is trying to say but the case they used just isn't it.

7. [+1014, -119] Isn't the article being too one-sided?  If the rooms are the size of a container box then the owner herself should know the level of that house and how sound can travel so easily.  With that, she should know to live quietly so is she trying to show off that she's being a nuisance to her neighbours by bringing her boyfriend to a place like that to have sex???

8. [+785, -56] Isn't it too much to be doing that in a rooftop place that's not soundproof?  Imagine how pissed off the elder beside them is?  She can just go to her boyfriend's, in any case the article gave a bad example!!!

9. [+694, -47] Looks like the problem isn't the fact that she's bringing her boyfriend over, it's her lack of manners for her neighbour for bringing him in a space where the next place can hear everything.  If you look at the other person's perspective, you'll find your answer.

10. [+597, -49] I don't think this is anything for her to be proud of ;  Looks like you're the one who made the mistake... you should think about your neighbour...


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