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For private inquiries, you can use my e-mail.

If you have requests, please leave it on this page!  I'll do my best to read and grant all of them~!
You can: ask about a certain topic or issue and I'll try to find relevant posts about it, OR, (preferably) you can leave a direct link to the specific post you'd like me to translate, OR, you can leave me loving messages to boost my morale (highly preferred).

Have a great day! ^^

Edit 2017/01/04: Hello, I will be going back to school soon so if I don't answer your request, it may be because I'm too busy to do so. I always try to reply with a comment but sometimes, I'll just have it up on the blog randomly OR I might not get around to doing it.  I will definitely try my hardest to grant your requests but I apologize in advance if I fail to do so; thank you so much for understanding!


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