Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Writer Kim Eun Sook's pattern of pairing drama couples with big age gaps

Mr. Sunshine: Lee Byunghun (46) and Kim Taeri (27)

Gentlemen's Dignity: Kim Minjong (45) and Yoon Jinyi (26)

Goblin: Love line between a high school student and an adult
Kim Goeun (26) and Gong Yoo (38)
Daum: A 20-year difference? Writer Kim Eun Sook's pattern of pairing older-younger couples

1. [+1444, -93] Lee Santa on a romance drama... Writer Eun Sook.. this is too much.  Knowing your dramas haven't failed yet, are you willing to take this risk?

2. [+1388, -101] Ah seriously.. the problem isn't the age difference, it's that Lee Byunghun's going to be on it..

3. [+1125, -57] If you're a popular star writer you have the leeway to cast rookies but she just always goes for the top qualified actors

4. [+596, -23] Santa can freely act out his fantasy...... Kim Eunsook you're the one at fault!

5. [+537, -22] I'm not going to watch this 'cus of Lee Byunghun

6. [+473, -23] I can't agree with it this time

7. [+433, -26] Writer Kim changed after she got an award ~

8. [+426, -28] Not gonna watch Lee Byunghun!!!

9. [+318, -18] Feels like she's just riding on her name for the drama to do well now.  Please watch "Fight My Way" and reflect

10. [+291, -13] Aigoo~ writer, have you lost your touch? Don't you think Lee Byunghun's really wrong for this??  Feels like a dirty affair

11. [+262, -13] Gong Yoo saved Goblin.. were there really no other actors? You should've just used Jung Woosung instead.. can't believe you're leaving fine and normal actors and going with sicko Lee Byunghun ㅋ This is too much


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