Monday, 2 January 2017

Lee Hwijae under controversy for his comments at the SBS Drama Awards


OSEN via Naver: SBS "Lee Hwijae is reflecting over the controversy, I will do my best in 2017"

1. [+24,463, -1280] So that you can MC the Drama Awards again in 2017??.........

2. [+24,892, -2557] Just please kick out Lee Hwijae.. he can't keep up with the changing times either.  I think he still believes we're in 1988, he says he'll reflect but he never puts in the work for as much as he says he'll do. He had it easy to get to his spot, imagine all his juniors who work so hard just to get to that level.. there's so many of them. Why is he using kids who are barely surviving without any connections.. PDs, get it together.. do you want to go down with him too.. It's been such a long time since viewers have complained that Lee Hwijae's no fun and that they change the channel if he's on..

3. [+21,514, -1744] Don't say that you'll do your best but just take a break.. 'Superman' has been uncomfortable too, and people change the channels. The viewers don't like him so why does he still come out

4. [+16,806, -1017] The other party says they don't want to comment, but he puts up a photo of the apology on SNS and this becomes a problem so it's put on private and hidden. When his wife says that she's having a hard time because of the antis, articles are released to media play about it. Threatens antis that they'll sue them..... Lee Hwijae~ this situation is a deadlock

5. [+13,995, -1232] He should be taken off Superman too, not even fun to watch

Newsen via Daum: MC Lee Hwijae, disrespectful and rude.. viewers were uncomfortable

1. [+20,604, -246] Starting from the Acting Awards he talked with no manners to Yoo Heeyeol, so I changed the channel right when Lee Hwijae was on because I knew something like this would happen, knew it. The fact that he got a daesang last year and is able to MC like this, he's got something going on

2. [+16,582, -203] When Jo Jungseok came out, to the female award winner, he made such a nonsense Gummy joke..

3. [+9291, -60] It's honestly really annoying to see Lee Hwijae, I was wondering what was wrong with him when he did that to Sung Dongil. He's not talented, he's not funny so why's he an MC..... Is someone backing him up

Sports Seoul via Daum: 'Show host controversy' Lee Hwijae, public isn't backing down even after the apology.. his SNS put on private

1. [+7133, -236] You're trying to be funny by putting others down? Go and find another job..

2. [+5890, -195] Don't have to be too alarmed by him. I'm uncomfortable just by looking at him. That's it.

3. [+4909, -195] Trash is trash wherever they go.. thank God he wasn't at the MBC Drama Awards..ㅋㅋㅋ

Joy News 24 via Daum: SBS "Lee Hwijae's controversy, he will do better to prepare this year and is in reflection"

1. [+5258, -189] Please don't reflect, don't even prepare for anything~ I'm tired of it~ it's already been hard to watch you until now... people just don't change!

2. [+4560, -184] Forget it! Hwijae-ya, please, I really hate seeing you on TV... you're just unlikeable

3. [+3461, -139] Being humble can be seen in a variety of actions, like when you put others above yourself. You'll realize this when you put yourself in a respectable spot and a clear, meaningful environment. You need that.. don't desperately survive broadcast with your connections, go reflect and quit now.

Sports Joseon via Naver: Lee Hwijae controversy, the hate to his family needs to stop

1. [+5878, -268] Let's only get angry at the parts where he made a mistake.

2. [+6576, -353] It's the troublemakers who hate on his family

3. [+5492, -613] It's only right for people not to bring his family into this but when I saw the way Lee Hwijae treated Sung Dongil, all I could think of was how hurt Sung Dongil's family must've been - if it was my dad, it would've been like a junior looking down on him while they're having drinks and I'd get very angry at that. Imagine your dad being made fun off on a broadcast in front of the country. Someone who worked so hard, and a family who did nothing, to be turned into a joke like that???

4. [+4582, -702] If your family is important to you then you have to treat others' families importantly too. One woman's husband, one child's father.. if you treat them like a joke, then you'll also receive what you put out


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