Friday, 7 July 2017

Gagman Cho Geum San passes away

Gagman Cho Geum San (54) was found dead on July 7th by tourists along the coast of Daebu Island.
Police suspect that Cho Geum San passed away on the 5th by suicide.

Naver: 'It's nice to see you, nice to see you' Gagman Cho Geum San passes away

1. [+11,911, -183] It's not even on the search rankings. This is so sad. He's a comedian that I spent my childhood with..... I won't forget you.....

2. [+10,450, -105] Rest in peace.

3. [+7356, -78] Rest in peace. This is such sad news.. I hope he finds comfort....

4. [+5969, -66] Rest in peace, what happened for him to make that choice...

5. [+5212, -72] Aigo... It's so sad to see him pass away like this.. Rest in peace... The people who have filled the pages of my childhood memories are slowly leaving this world one by one...

6. [+915, -21] I feel like we're neglecting gag men and gag women and treating them disparagingly.  They're celebrities who have made us laugh at one point. I hate people who use the term "has-beens".  Just look at how old songs and singers are never forgotten even if they're not promoting.  We keep them alive through 'Immortal Song' and special stages but if you use an old gag or punch line, people berate you for using a has-been jokeㅠㅠ I hope our entertainment industry becomes one that will remember and honour our comedians... rest in peace.

7. [+767, -14] If celebrities can't find their place, it's hard for them to find a means to live.  Except for a few % of celebrities, there's a lot who don't earn as much and have it tough

8. [+687, -10] He was the flower boy of gag men back then, how did it end up with suicide..... rest in peace.

9. [+652, -10] I get scared now whenever I see a celebrity #1 on the search rankings.  How did the world come to this...

10. [+574, -10] Ah.. in the 80s and 90s he was in every comedy program... rest in peace.


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