Friday, 7 July 2017

'Hamburger phobia' spreads after mother sues McDonald's Korea for daughter's illness

A mother filed a complaint to McDonald's Korea claiming that their hamburger caused her daughter to lose 90% of her kidney function.  The 4-year-old was diagnosed with 'hamburger disease' or 'hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS)'.  She now has to undergo dialysis for 8-10 hours daily.  McDonald's responded to her claim and is fully cooperating with the investigation.

After news of this spread, various fast food chains are feeling more pressure from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and customers to inspect their products more carefully.

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Naver: 'Hamburger disease' mother sues "I tear up seeing holes in my child..."

1. [+4588, -313] You all shouldn't point fingers at the mother saying she's not in her right state of mind to feed her 4 year old kid a hamburger.  Why don't you all try raising a child?  Kids are picky eaters.  There's kids who like eating hamburgers, others who like kimchi stew, those that like vegetables.  It varies.  Why blame her for allowing her kid to eat a burger that's not good for adults either, shouldn't the blame be towards fast food chains who target kids with 'children meal sets'?  Think of how the mother feels seeing her kid in that stateㅜㅜ She's probably already blaming herself enough

2. [+2724, -86] I hope McDonald's takes sincere action about this.  Not pointing fingers but is there another reason why they don't want to reveal the CCTV recording of the day they were at that McDonald's location?  This hurts my heart.  I feel like it's always the consumers that suffer in our country

3. [+2297, -87] Can't believe there are no comments on an article like this... if you're someone who has kids, your world would be crashing down.. they would rather be the one sick instead of their child

4. [+1898, -58] Hope it gets resolved, they get the compensation, and that the child gets proper treatment.... stay strong!

5. [+1964, -97] I don't think I can go to McDonald's. I'm scared my kid will turn out like that.

6. [+613, -63] If people find out I don't let my kids drink soda or eat hamburgers, people around me will react and say "she's already 4, and you're still not letting her eat those things?????" They'll think of me as such a strange mom.  But after this article popped up, people are blaming the mother for letting her 4 year old eat a burger? People's double standards are really no joke.  The fact is the kid got sick after eating the burger.  Why are there comments turning this around on the parents?  I don't get it

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Naver: 'Hamburger phobia'... will there be an aftermath effect on other businesses 'extreme worry'

1. [+5368, -134] What are those producers doing that exposed castella cakes?  They should be reporting on patty factories and their production at this kind of time, no?  Or is it that you're afraid to do anything since it's a big corporation?

2. [+2798, -81] Hamburgers aren't even healthyㅠㅠ Might as well stop eating it as much..

3. [+2386, -351] It's not that I'm taking McDonald's side but since we're talking about it, aren't burgers sold in convenience stores even more dangerous?

4. [+1158, -104] There will definitely be people trying to fabricate facts.. then trash reporters who see that will report it as 'the truth'.. and when the actual truth is exposed, they'll try to hide

5. [+275, -18] I'm not the type who gives my kids junk food but sometimes it's inevitable at certain places where you can't bring in your own food.  I bet they were in the same position too and they must be blaming themselves for it.  This is such a terrible case to hear as a parent myself and I hope for the child's recovery.  Hopefully the investigations are done thoroughly.



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