Monday, 13 February 2017

Whistleblowers to the Choi Soon Sil scandal feel a threat to their safety

Park Heonyoung, "I didn't want to reveal anything to the media.  I was scared of Choi Soon Sil.  I thought I couldn't handle a person who holds as much power as she does.  Presently, the citizens and the investigation team are focused on the matter, but what will happen once the world forgets?" Park helped expose one of the large companies operated by Choi.  Whenever he is on his way home, he carefully checks the doors of emergency exits in fear of someone hiding behind them. "Right now, Choi Soon Sil is in detention so she can't keep her eyes on me, but when the time comes, I'm sure they won't let me off so easily.  I'm scared of what the years ahead have in store for me."  The death of chairman Park Jiman's secretary sparked this fear even further.  The police concluded that the death was due to natural causes but there were doubts and rumours that it was a murder case.

Those who have exposed Choi are experiencing a threat to their safety.  Just recently, Ko Young Tae revealed that he felt as if someone was following him around.  Others are suffering from anxiety as they report cars following them around prompting them to install safety measures like putting up CCTVs inside and around their houses.

1. [+26,819, -873] Protect them, seriously

2. [+17,251, -589] Let's keep Choi locked up for life

3. [+15,524, -391] We're looking at it from a third-person perspective so to us, we support them revealing all that they can but if you look at it from their perspective, that's a really brave thing for them to do.. If it was me, I don't think it would've been easy to become a 'whistleblower'

4. [+12,895, -770] Don't be afraid and report it right away~~

5. [+3208, -84] Our country needs a witness protection program, what is the National Assembly doing?  You should make a witness protection program and law as soon as possible!!

6. [+3204, -106] We definitely need to protect the witnesses.  Who would reveal anything in this situation?  What a dirty country that leaves you to fight for yourself

7. [+3032, -117] The way to protect this person is to keep Soon Sil and Geun Hye behind bars until they die

8. [+2797, -87] It was thanks to them that the country got to know what happened.  Imagine how anxious they must've have been.  They deserve personal protection.

9. [+2691, -83] I think that we need to make a department that can protect private information and still keep the public's interest on the matter.

10. [+2415, -79] He's someone who risked to be in danger to reveal what happened.  The country should protect him.


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