Tuesday, 7 February 2017

3 million copies of fake news defending Park Geunhye spread all over the country

"The media's report of the number of people attending the candlelight rallies are false."
"The Sewol Ferry incident was ordered by North Korea."
"The tablet that JTBC found was fabricated."
"The claim that Park Geunhye received a cosmetic procedure on the day of the Sewol incident is false.  It is a manipulated image using another person's skin." 
The above are fake news delivered and spread throughout the country not just in the form of social media but also through physical fabricated newspapers and flyers.  JTBC found that during the holiday, people found these fake newspapers in apartment complexes all over the country including Busan and Daejeon.  It's been reported that 'ParkSaMo' printed and spread 3 million copies of these throughout the country during the Lunar New Year holidays.  Pro-park supporters also used these materials in their rally against the impeachment.  

JTBC via Naver: 'Fake news', newspapers delivered all over the country... by pro-park supporters

1. [+20,437, -703] This is no different from North Korea's propaganda against the South.  It's like we're going back in time.  This is definitely something I would expect to come from those bird-brains.

2. [+17,985, -661] The cancer of this country is ParkSaMo

3. [+16,210, -525] If you've got the money to do this, might as well help out your neighbours!!! Don't spend it on useless things like spreading lies!!!!

4. [+15,522, -495] Isn't this a civil war?

5. [+12,977, -446] Crazy people believe these kind of trash news but refuse to believe the media then they believe in Choi Soon Sil's lies that don't match up but refuse to believe in the investigation counsel's reports... that's why they're crazy, but please don't try and bother the people around you

6. [+3434, -103] I wonder who did that... whose money did they use, that's what we have to reveal

7. [+3064, -107] In the future, can they not wave the Korean flag but wave Park Geunhye's face instead?  I'm so embarrassed to see them using the Korean flag.  Anyway, they don't follow the law or have any common sense so they're pretty much Park Geunhye's cult right?

8. [+3135, -173] Without JTBC, this dirty situation would have just been buried in the sewers.  Fighting to Son Sukhee announcer

9. [+2848, -92] This is exactly at the level of North Korean propaganda ㅋㅋㅋ They're trying to spread false information like a North Korean head official in a situation where all the information is already out through articlesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Park Geunhye and ParkSaMo are really something else ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+2761, -84] Please investigate whose money they used to do this.  Journalists, please do a proper search on this and reveal it.


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