Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Two students involved in school violence let off easy by Seoul's Office of Education

The incident occurred in Nowon District of Seoul in a vacant lot where first-year students gathered and one of them started to beat someone up.  A second-year senior suffered from a one-sided assault and was hospitalized for 4 weeks with a fractured nose and other injuries.

The school's violence committee decided to expel the student who directly committed the attack and to transfer another student who was involved with the assault.  A school representative said, "They were involved in other incidents of violence in the past, and those students tried to request for the CCTV to be deleted." (Video of attack here)

The two attackers felt that their punishment was too severe and requested for a retrial from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.  The office's mediation of disciplinary action committee said that the assault occurred both ways and lowered the punishment from expulsion and transfer to suspension of 10 days.  The victim and their family did not have a say with the retrial and the parent of the victim says it is absurd to also suspend the student who suffered injuries from the attack.

The office says that the retrial's procedure does not require to hear the victim's side and that it is not a problem with the process.  What's more is the current system makes it unable for the victim to object the retrial's result.  The victim is now put in a very uneasy situation in which they have to keep attending school with the assailants.

SBS via Naver: [Exclusive] A one-sided fight... victim's tears from school violence

1. [+33,919, -124] Hahahahahahahahahah suspension for 10 days hahahahhahahahahahahah. Are you giving an award to them for beating up and breaking someone's noseㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Imagine how happy they must be to get a break off of school for 10 daysㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAre those students' families rich or what??? The Office of Education, don't you dare talk like you're fighting for students' rights.  You're all less than a piece of trash

2. [+21,863, -148] Wow crazy bastards tsk tsk what's up with those bastards just standing around doing nothing too? We need to get rid of these kind of people in society

3. [+21,073, -423] This country's pathetic government

4. [+18,076, -84] What a total mess

5. [+16,675, -560] What did those other second years do?? They didn't even put those first years in their place... how can they hit their senior??

6. [+4520, -15] Netizens, let's make it possible for him.  Fight the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education!!

7. [+4087, -43] Is this superintendent Jo Heeyeon's administration in the Office of Education??  Where did your "fight for rights" go??  Moreover the victim is their senior??

8. [+3931, -25] What is the Office of Education doing???ㅋ

9. [+3902, -16] The Office of Education has gone crazy, are you training them to be gangsters

10. [+3770, -18] I wonder how much money they received ???


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