Saturday, 14 January 2017

Vital witness to Choi Soon Sil's scandal sent a mysterious call pleading for someone to 'save him'

Ko Young Tae is a former Asian Games gold medalist fencer who is closely linked to Choi Soon Sil.  The two are believed to have met and become close at a well-known host bar where Ko worked.  He has been labeled as Choi Soon Sil's "boy toy" by the media but he denied this and says they were just friends.  Ko was given high positions at companies Choi has made and he became her 'closest advisor'.

The two were very close but they allegedly had a huge fight over a puppy.  Choi asked Ko to take care of her daughter's puppy but he left it at his house to play golf.  Choi found out about this when she went to his house and she became angry at him for abandoning the puppy.  That's when their relationship went downhill.  "She treated me like a slave, swearing at me many times."

Ko was angry and hurt and decided to take revenge by revealing Choi to the media.  Over the months he collected evidence of Choi Soon Sil's power over President Park.  He turned in CCTV footage of Choi treating presidential aides as her personal servants and voluntarily turned up at the prosecutor's office for a 40-hour investigation where he revealed how confidential documents like the president's speeches reached Choi.  He has since been praised by netizens for "opening Pandora's box".

Ko Young Tae's whereabouts are currently unknown while other media reports say he is in Thailand.  According to reports, someone close to Ko revealed, "I am so worried after I received a call from Ko Young Tae two days ago.  He called in tears asking 'to save him' and the background was very noisy, and the call suddenly got cut off.  I called him right after but he wasn't answering anymore."

There is no information as to how the person who received the call is related to Ko.  Online communities are suspicious as some of it is the same content as an article that was released in October.

1. [+17,684, -427] If Ko Young Tae isn't protected, anyone else who wants to tell the truth will be too afraid to come forward.... hopefully they find him soon

2. [+15,744, -321] Protect Ko Young Tae

3. [+13,648, -248] Is this a country? Arrest all the people involved in the scandal!!!  I'm sure one of those involved is capable of committing a murder

4. [+12,512, -194] They have to find him!!

5. [+11,895, -205] This is why it's hard for insiders to come forward...

6. [+2968, -82] I pity Ko Young Tae... I bet you the witnesses will commit perjury. I won't criticize them even if they lie under the oath. What's the point of the witness protection program.. if they don't even implement it

7. [+2804, -54] Korea's safer. Why did he go to Thailand ㅜㅜ If they're out to get him and hurt him, it's easier for them to do it abroad... Plus Choi is randomly covering for Ko and Ko is missing, the timing is impeccable

8. [+2577, -69] Don't you think Park Geun Hye ordered the NIS to make him disappear without a trace?

9. [+2401, -38] The netizen investigation team should be put to work

10. [+2208, -41] With the circumstances, it seems like someone is still controlling things behind the scenes, who is it.. Someone who is still moving about... who is it.. whoever knows let me know
> [+155, -3] Hwang Kyo Ahn, Kim Gi Chun
> [+128, -1] Chung Yoon Hoi is still out there. (Choi Soon Sil's) ex-husband. 
> [+34, -1] If the first in command is currently being held in detention, of course the second-in-command is out there making moves...


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