Saturday, 14 January 2017

Japan stepping up to abandon culture of long working hours

"Japan is stepping up its drive to pressure companies into abandoning a culture of long working hours.  The government spokesman said that Japan needs to 'end the norm of long working hours so people can balance their lives with things like raising a child or taking care of the elderly.'  They are considering options such as a three-day weekend system or 10-12 hours of rest time to boost workers' productivity and let them perform at their best." (Source)

Joongang Ilbo via Naver: Rest for 10~12 hours after work... Japan's experiment

1. [+3371, -47] Rest times are an issue too but I think the higher up's old way of thinking is more of a problem.  Superiors swear at you, make it hard on you, and have such a military way of thinking where you have to just bear with it.  If we can discuss things and cooperate, it'd be so much better.  Why do superiors expect juniors to just put up with the anger they project towards them

2. [+2418, -44] Sucks in Korea they won't let office workers even rest.. those that need holidays.. have to give it up because companies are watching them like a hawk..

3. [+1712, -54] Let's not hate on Japan right now, we should learn what needs to be learned

4. [+1017, -49] Motivation to work in Japan just went up and up

5. [+395, -7] They don't give us time to rest after work.  Since you guys say that after-work parties are "an extension of work", then consider that overtime and pay us for it.  Also, they need to be more reasonable with the extra work they give

6. [+210, -3] We should change the greetings for when we leave the office to "be right back, I'm just going to go home for a bit."

7. [+111, -5] It's not that there's a lot of work. There's just a lot of people who don't do work. (Plus they make you do personal errands)

8. [+77, 0] The after party dinners are considered work too.. it's a dinner for the old people


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