Sunday, 15 January 2017

Lee Dongwook should do more sageuk dramas?


News1 via Naver: 'Dokkaebi' Lee Dongwook's sageuk "we really want to see it"

1. [+8927, -85] It was the best.. Lee Dongwook's sageuk.. wow~ since it's Lee Dongwook, I could feel how classy sageuks are.

2. [+6517, -74] His first three second scene was so powerful already but yesterday was seriously daebak ^^~ He acts so well.  I'm seeing him in a new light.  He has jjang charms, jjang acting, and Lee Dongwook's jjang^^~

3. [+6129, -59] I'm seeing Lee Dongwook's acting in a new light because of Dokkaebi.  He honestly fits sageuks so well and he did a great job portraying King Yeo's pathetic and sad character.  I want to see him in another sageuk drama.

4. [+4714, -77] Lee Dongwook is the best!

5. [+4200, -60] He's such a good actor... seriously let's go for another sageuk!!

6. [+835, -16] His eyes are unstoppable. You can really see the sadness in them.

7. [+764, -14] I think this will become Lee Dongwook's life drama~ or it could become the stepping stone to another legendary sageuk drama for him..

8. [+744, -14] He's not just "handsome actor Lee Dongwook", I discovered that he's "Lee Dongwook who acts well with flaming passion!

9. [+736, -21] Lee Dongwook's super cool. Gong Yoo for the start and Lee Dongwook for the end~ (thumbs up)

10. [+676, -19] He has this sexiness to him


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