Wednesday, 5 July 2017

'Blind hiring', no more photos or school names on Korean applications

On July 5th, President Moon Jae In and the Ministry of Employment and Labour announced a new policy regarding applications for all public jobs.  
- Any information unrelated to the job can no longer be requested (incl. photos, name of school, hometown, and family background) 
- Currently, the policy doesn't include private sectors and >52% said they are not willing to adopt the new system

1. [+3146, -231] It's really great and all that they won't look at schools but if we're going to do that, might as well make it so they're not allowed to see our GPA.  A 3.0 would be the same 3.0 for someone else then

2. [+2519, -296] Please conceal age and sex too.  In that way, skill will be put upfront.  You're not sitting there to pick the young guy who will drink with you 'till the end or a pretty girl to look at.

3. [+1968, -138] They'll still ask this at the job interview but at least documents are one less thing to be frustrated about.  While we're at it, it'd be great to get rid of age and sex too.

4. [+1512, -76] It's only right that they shouldn't be demanding unnecessary information.  This is great for job seekers that shell out almost $200 for their application photos.  Those that already got their application photos taken must feel like it's unfair but that's just how it is

5. [+1308, -96] What about age??

6. [+368, -25] Photo, sex, age.  Get rid of it, just like how it is internationally.

 7. [+326, -12] Honestly speaking I don't understand why we need to include our family members' occupation. Ugh. What does that matter?

8. [+302, -12] Our application photos aren't even our real faces.  It's good that they'll be able to see what we look like at the interview instead.  I support this.

1. [+1278, -151] This is what a country should be Geun Hye~~

2. [+1112, -31] They also need to look into public workers getting hired through special application processes.  They should exclude participation from internal employees as judges.  

3. [+884, -64] Good

4. [+319, -13] What about age?? Isn't age #1 when it comes to job discrimination?

5. [+285, -4] There are even public institutions that take note of your parents' academic background.  Isn't that insane? Seriously

6. [+238, -5] Get rid of places that look for your elementary, middle and high school background, your parents' occupation and wealth.

7. [+233, -20] What's the point if they'll still ask this during the interview

8. [+189, -16] Please, it's not too late to go through this properly.  In order for us to be judged solely on skill, this goal needs to be accomplished.

'Blind hiring' for public jobs, no more photos and school names on applications

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