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Movie Reviews: Okja, Real

Okja (Adventure, Action, Drama)
- Director: Bong Junho
- Cast: Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ahn Seo Hyun
- Netizen Rating: 8.38/10.00 
- Critic Rating: 8.77/10.00
Netizen Rating Distribution (9,619 Reviews)

Critic Rating Distribution (5,031 Reviews)
Netizen Age/Sex Distribution
This movie is liked most by women in their 20s.
t/n: Okja only opened on 94 screens out of a total of 2,575 screens with the reason being that Korea's top three cinema chains (Megabox, CJ CGV, Lotte Cinema) refused to screen Okja due to Netflix's 'no-hold back' policy.  Typically, films are released for streaming 3 weeks after the movie screening in Korea.

1. [+3312, -246] 10/10 You filthy cinema chains ㅋㅋㅋ Don't worry, if a restaurant is good, people will go and find it even if it's on a deserted island

2. [+2515, -285] 10/10 Stupid C*V, Me**box, Lo**e Cinema.  We watch movies to enjoy it not to make money. 

3. [+2264, -237] 10/10 Pyungshik Hyung gave this 7 stars.  Better do whatever it takes to watch it.
(t/n: Pyungshik is a critic known for giving stars much lower than others.  A 8-9/10 movie would be rated 6-7/10 by him.)

4. [+2125, -172] 10/10 The pigs raised in China 'real'ly failed while 'Okja' that was raised in Korea became great.

5. [+2096, -145] 10/10 Stupid multi-chain cinemas.  This is what Netflix wanted..tsk tsk

6. [+1902, -237] 10/10 The director is Bong Junho. I watch just for that.

7. [+1416, -104] 10/10 Money to one, friend to another.

8. [+1374, -117] 8/10 Bong Junho... as expected, he has the knack for making you feel uncomfortable.

9. [+1195, -32] 9/10 I wonder what Mija whispered?

Real (Action, Noir)
- Director: Lee Sarang
- Cast: Kim Soohyun, Lee Sungmin, Sung Dongil
- Netizen Rating: 4.50/10.00 
- Critic Rating: 4.52/10.00
Netizen Rating Distribution (9,535 Reviews)

Critic Rating Distribution (463 Reviews)

Netizen Age/Sex Distribution
This movie is liked most by men in their 20s.

1. [+10,125, -561] 1/10 I could feel time passing by as I watched this.

2. [+8175, -335] 10/10 I give myself 10 stars for watching the whole movie.

3. [+7922, -538] 10/10 I can't be the only one to suffer!!

4. [+5870, -438] 7/10 My grandmother was cured from her rheumatoid arthritis after watching this movie. Thank you.

5. [+5666, -588] 10/10 The movie that will take the spot of Clementine.

6. [+5761, -693] 1/10 Copied 'The Man from Nowhere', stripped off a mentally sick female celebrity + third-rate director = Real.  I want to give it 0/10 but 1 is the lowest in the system. You better be thankful.

7. [+5044, -216] 10/10 I have been suffering insomnia for 10 years.  I can't sleep without taking pills.. for the first time in my life, I slept soundly without the use of medication.  Instead of expensive propofol pills, I recommend this inexpensive but powerful 'Real'.

8. [+4958, -487] 1/10 Did you have to go and film it like this? (t/n: Famous line from 'Sunflower')

9. [+4149, -284] 10/10 It's a movie that makes you sigh every 5 minutes.

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