Thursday, 5 January 2017

Animated movie 'Your Name' tops other movies in Korea

1. [+807, -34] CGV (t/n: cinema chain in Korea), don't be petty and increase the no. of screenings

2. [+713, -44] Your Name... this will definitely top...

3. [+596, -27] Your Name's cinematography is just..... when the meteor fell, my mouth was just wide open

4. [+472, -26] Gotta admit Your Name is a masterpiece.. I wanted to see it but because of its popularity, it got sold out in a day... Hope when they resell, there'll be more~

5. [+410, -23] Well they can't help it because Your Name is really good

6. [+169, -14] I'm really curious about this so I'm asking... can they not make a Korean movie if there's no swearing in the script?
> Foreign movies have more profanity.. it's not only a problem in Korean movis
> I seriously agree with this question
> Seriously there aren't that many people around me who swear in their daily lives anyway
> Nope~ foreign movies use profanity more~ there are a lot of Korean movies without swearing~

7. [+144, -9] Your Name's no. of screens 554, Master's no. of screens 865

8. [+111, -8] If you watch Your Name, the rest of your day will feel so blank 

9. [+96, -7] This anime movie is so good~

10. [+98, -11] Lee Byunghun avoided it, but Cha Taehyun and Kim Haneul took the shot 


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