Thursday, 5 January 2017

Netizens discuss promoting a more positive body image in Korea

Korea Daily Report via Naver: What's wrong with being fat? Start with 'body positivity' for the new year

1. [+1457, -39] But in reality, sizes here don't cater to everyone...

2. [+1336, -72] The fact is, the woman in the photo doesn't look fat at all

3. [+1272, -90] We're in a generation where starting from the idols, clothes, and products, it's all about being slim. It's hard to not be influenced by these things.

4. [+986, -79] Why do other people care whether someone is fat or thin... let's not make it hard for each other and let's just live more freely

5. [+765, -42] The most important thing is to love yourself.. if you can't love yourself, you fall for other people's strict standards.  Exercising shouldn't be all about losing weight and being slim, your goal should be that you want to be healthy because you love yourself. Therefore, I think the most important thing to promote in our society right now is to understand ourselves and be able to sincerely love ourselves.

6. [+144, -3] All the cheap and pretty clothes are clothes that you need to lose weight for.

7. [+101, -4] I'm someone who's really skinny to the point that people hate to see it. I do want to gain weight and people around me always tell me to eat, eat, and eat. It's so stressful for me and because of that stress, I tend to not be able to eat food whereas others develop binge eating.

8. [+94, -8] I agree with a lot of this. I spent my whole teen years on a diet because I always thought the answer was a slim body. I would feel pressured if I was a size 66 (t/n: large). Even though my weight was healthy, I would call myself a pig and purposely belittle myself. I would exercise daily, check whatever I ate, and sometimes I'd only eat half portions. If I don't look lean in photos, I would be even more strict on myself. The more I did that, the more I based my own worth and value on other people's opinions of me. I realized this one day, and I wish I had spent all that energy during such a young, great time of my life on something else.


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