Friday, 23 December 2016

Kim Sohyun shows up as a special MC on Running Man

1. [+2049, -59]  Sohyun is so so pretty ㅎㅎ

2. [+1586, -46]  Looks like she'll probably be Running Man's last guest

3. [+1499, -52]  Kim Sohyun looks so pretty on photos, I bet she's even prettier if you see her in real life... I think it'll be jaw dropping..

4. [+1119, -45]  Super pretty...

5. [+1025, -52]  I wowed at her aura on 'Goblin'.  She looks lively and pure on this too, definitely going to watch!

6. [+177, -8]  Kim Sohyun has the looks, acting skill, and the personality.  She's someone who'll succeed even more from now

7. [+155, -6]  So this is what they mean by 'pretty like a doll'

8. [+115, -4]  Ms Sohyun has a pretty face and a pretty heart plus she's a good actor!!  I'm anticipating her work always~~

9. [+118, -6]  Pretty pretty~~~

10. [+128, -11]  I don't watch Running Man... but I'll watch it because of Sohyun



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