Sunday, 25 December 2016

Netizens conflicted over who the reincarnations of the king and queen are on Dokkaebi

Yoo Inna is the king.
Lee Dongwook is holding his heart on his left side, like it hurts and it's piercing him.
In the past, Kim Sohyun was shot there with an arrow.
They emphasize the chemistry between Gong Yoo and Lee Dongwook.
I bet it's because they were siblings in the past.

Today Humor: My prediction on the reincarnation, (daebak spoilers!)

- This is what I've been thinking

- But in the casting article, Lee Dongwook was the king and Yoo Inna is the queen though

- If you look at their personalities, it seems like it.  Yoo Inna is more chic and strong while the grim reaper is more light hearted...
> But Kim Sohyun in the past was strong, even in the face of death...

- The grim reaper has to have committed a great sin.
My thoughts are that the past Kim Sohyun must have known she was pregnant.
But for the sake of her brother Gong Yoo, she chose death.
The grandmother would think that there's no sin greater than that.
Therefore, Kim Sohyun was reborn as a grim reaper because of abortion.

- Yoo Inna keeps saying "I'll kill you", was it because she was the king?? Hul
> "Sit here. Before I kill you.." Hul.

- No Gong Yoo is the king.  His memories are mixed up.  When the sword gets drawn later, it'll come back to him.  Then the king's face will turn into Gong Yoo's.  Something like that.
> The female lead is the general.  The king faced a great sin, so the general picks the sword out and forgives him.

- Well, I'm just going to take the easy route and say... Lee Dongwook is the king and the queen is Yoo Inna.
> Shh

- Yoo Inna's name is Kim Sun and Gong Yoo is Kim Shin, they're siblings by just looking at that

- Let's not make it so complicated~ Lee Dongwook is the king and Yoo Inna is the queen.


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