Friday, 6 January 2017

Kim Jedong to sue netizens who have attacked him for being politically vocal


Background: Kim Jedong has always been very politically vocal and has spread awareness for social issues countless times (e.g. joining demonstrations for university tuition fee cuts and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, urging people to vote, investing in political films, speaking out about cyberbullying, donating to charity, etc.)  

Because of this, there were speculations that there was political motivation behind him being fired and removed from his shows.  They speculated that he has been blacklisted by the government and, in 2012, it was revealed that the National Intelligence Service (NIS) has been keeping Kim Jedong under illegal surveillance which caused him a lot of fear and anxiety.  He has also received a lot of hateful comments for being an outspoken liberal. 

He actively attended the candlelight rallies against Park Geun Hye

Sports Seoul via Daum: Kim Jedong, going to take legal action against hateful comments "Fines will go toward building a dormitory in Myanmar"

1. [+5722, -200] Let's eliminate ilbe!!!!

2. [+5411, -177] Never forgive them~~^^

3. [+5250, -195] You held back on them too much all this time

4. [+1743, -72] Ooh looks like ilbe's going to donate to a good cause
Hope they donate a lot of money

5. [+1669, -93] Fighting Kim Jedong~~!!

6. [+1564, -75] Don't show them any mercy~~~

7. [+1531, -80] That's a good tactic

Oh My News via Daum: "I can't take it longer".. IU, Twice, and now Kim Jedong speak out [against hate comments]

1. [+3696, -339] Jedong is this generation's treasure

2. [+2974, -55] Haters need to be kicked out

3. [+2282, -65] Jedong don't go easy on them at all. I'll back you up. Fighting

4. [+390, -67] Jedong-ah! The citizens of this country love you...

5. [+333, -10] Those who write malicious comments need to be punished. They always spread hate...

6. [+297, -23] Bet one of the antis are part of the NIS

7. [+316, -50] Kim Jedong, you're the best!!!!


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