Thursday, 5 January 2017

Viewers tired of seeing the same actors on Korean films, says it's time for new actors to shine


Sports Donga via Naver: Movie 'Operation', Hwang Jungmin X Lee Sungmin X Jo Jinwoong X Joo Jinhoon confirmed casting

1. [+2062, -223] Are there no other actors? Producers are too afraid and actors are being too greedy. Try to dig out some new actors too. They can all act really well but it's getting too predictable now.

2. [+1579, -107] I seriously do like all of these actors, but how I can I put this... it's getting obvious and I'm kind of tired of it now... I feel like it's always the same people every time now, I think we need to put out some new, fresh actors instead

3. [+1354, -129] It's the same thing each time. I'm sick of it

4. [+762, -42] Just by looking at the cast photo, I feel like I've already seen the movie...

5. [+726, -50] The director of Kundo....

6. [+353, -16] Hwang Jungmin and Ha Jungwoo have filmed so many movies, so it feels like it's the same thing each time.....

7. [+335, -11] Wow everyone was thinking the same thing as me ㅋㅋ

8. [+321, -8] All the movies these days have similar storylines and it feels like they're just rotating the same actors around. I don't think this movie will do that well. It just seems like they're only making commercial films

9. [+309, -8] I can already..... see how the script will go.... it won't do well...

10. [+291, -21] Jo Jinwoong seems to have filmed too many movies. He should be more cautious in picking works


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