Monday, 20 February 2017

Citizens angered at Park Geun Hye's last attempt to drag out the impeachment trial

The Constitutional Court has held 14 sessions since December 9th when the National Assembly voted to impeach Park Geun Hye.  Throughout the months, Park Geun Hye's side has done all it can to drag out the proceedings.  As a last resort, they have again asked the Constitutional Court to postpone the final hearing to March 2-3 saying that they need more time to prepare their final statements and to decide whether Park Geun Hye will appear at the hearing.  Their chances of stalling this time around are slim as the court dismissed their requests and asked them to submit their final statements by Thursday.

Yonhap News via Naver: President's side "post-pone the final impeachment trial until March 2~3"

1. [+26,198, -482] They're just doing all that they can now huh.. can't help it.  Let's hurry and impeach her already and put her behind bars..

2. [+24,889, -415] Oh stop it.  You coward~~ you've already delayed it long enough, haven't you??

3. [+24,442, -356] What have they been doing all this time that they want to delay it again?  How much longer do we have to take your grumbling?

4. [+22,292, -338] Is this a criminal trial?  We're deciding whether she is qualified to still be the present so why do we keep arguing back and forth about whether she's committed a crime or not?  Do that separately!  It's obvious that she is not qualified to be the president so why are we dragging it out like this?
> [+301, -5] At the same time the President's side announced their statements, some celebrities I've never even seen or heard of kept the #1 spot on the real-time searches..;;; Is Naver a part of the Blue House...
> [+280, -3] Refreshing ㅋ It's not even a criminal trial so what's this ㅋ
> [+237, -4] All of the citizens want her to step down but she still wants to be the president ㅡ ㅡ Crazy bitch

5. [+17,446, -302] Screw off, stop trying to hide behind a smoke screen

6. [+5656, -101] Looks like these losers are trying to get their pay for March too.

7. [+5557, -92] They're really planning on dragging it out until the end... if they're confident, why would they need that?

8. [+5501, -93] No way.  We must condemn her with the 8 members.  If they push it until March, it'll be after Judge Lee Jung Mi's retirement. I think that's what they're aiming for.
(t/n: Lee Jung Mi's six-year term ends on March 13.  At least seven judges of the nine-member panel are required to take part in the ruling and at least six of them need to support the impeachment.  If one of the seven judges is unable to take part, the impeachment ruling will be indefinitely suspended.  If the court were to appoint new judges at this point, the ruling is expected to be delayed.)


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