Friday, 20 January 2017

The 'coolest person' in the eyes of Korea's citizens nowadays

(t/n: Even though it's just an article talking about his fashion and style, I thought it'd also be nice to see who's behind the investigation counsel and not just the witnesses and suspects.)

Lee Kyu Chul, spokesperson for the investigation team

Joseon Ilbo via Naver: Perfectly matching coat and muffler... investigation counsel's spokesperson, wears clothes very well

1. [+4800, -153] The coolest person these days.

2. [+4563, -116] He does his job properly so everything he does seems awesome.

3. [+4035, -116] The investigation counsel reads what's on the people's minds so I'm always anticipating their reports

4. [+3363, -111] You're awesome~ fighting to the investigation team

5. [+2836, -106] He seems really cool and intelligent during their briefings. I always thought he was charming and looks like it's not just me who thinks that. His glasses suit him well too~^^ Please help ease the citizen's anger fairly, work hard, we're putting our trust on you.

6. [+653, -42] If you're a just man, whatever you wear will look good.

7. [+586, -28] Just as clean and nicely you wear your clothes, please investigate thoroughly too

8. [+553, -37] I'm drawn in by them more than celebrities these days! Fighting to the investigation counsel who looks the most charming when they put in their all in the work they do.


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