Saturday, 21 January 2017

Prosecutors arrest culture minister and chief of staff for creating blacklist of artists

On Saturday, Cho Yoon Sun, current culture minister, was arrested for suspected involvement in creating the blacklist of artists critical of Park Geun Hye and the government.  Artists on the blacklist were cut off from government funding and private investment and placed under state surveillance.

Background info: 
161226 SBS finds blacklist of over 9,000 artists created by the government
170109 Culture minister admits to blacklist of artists who criticized Park Geun Hye

Cho Yoon Sun is the first sitting minister arrested in South Korea. She gave her resignation shortly after her arrest.  Kim Ki Choon, chief of staff for Park Geun Hye, was also arrested and accused of ordering Cho to create the blacklist of "left-wing" artists.

Seoul Central District Court reported that they were arrested because the crime has been, "verified and there are risks of the accused seeking to destroy evidence."  The court approved the prosecutors' requests to arrest the two for alleged abused of power, perjury and other charges.

1. [+22,780, -534] Nice!!!!!!!!!!

2. [+20,786, -604] The Department of Justice has done what the citizens have been yearning for. This is only the beginning.

3. [+16,140, -569] Even now Hwang Gyo Ik is banned from KBS... and ParkSaMo is trying to ruin Jung Woo Sung.. they're boycotting 'The King'
(t/n: Jung Woo Sung screamed, "Park Geun Hye, come forward!" at an event, video here and his name was also on the blacklist.)

4. [+15,404, -488] Kim Ki Choon is the biggest enemy of Korea's democracy.  The CIA made a lot of people die through torture at that time.  He used his experience and knowledge in law for corruption (himself, his wife, father-in-law, son-in-law) and he would always make a way out or reduce damage to a minimum by using his power over law experts when he was in trouble.  He silently used his power to threaten people, killing them and hiding it by saying it was a suicide, framing them as North Korean followers, his plans for the constitution, his regional sentiments, and he was the trunk to the gate of Choi Soon Sil's scandal.  Kim Ki Choon is the biggest enemy of Korea's democracy.

5. [+11,520, -414] This should be a given....

6. [+4816, -141] Cho Eui Yeon (t/n: Judge who dismissed Samsung's LJY), are you reading this?

7. [+4640, -125] Reading this news made me more excited than the world cup win

8. [+4560, -122] ㅜㅜWatching the investigation counsel do their work makes me feel that there's still some good left in Korea!

9. [+4417, -118] Of course Kim Ki Choon and Cho Yoon Sun should be arrested!!!

10. [+3963, -109] I can sleep now

1. [+14,784, -537] Wear the number... guess she still hasn't come to her senses...

2. [+13,638, -371] She seriously looks like a different personㅋㅋ

3. [+12,046, -394] Park Geun Hye's future..

4. [+10,939, -341] Woo Byung Woo get your horn-rimmed glasses ready

5. [+10,411, -361] I want to see Park Geun Hye without her hair tied up being escorted by prosecutors already~


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