Sunday, 22 January 2017

Seoul Metro sparks anger for telling passengers to 'stay and wait' during subway fire

A Seoul subway train caught fire leading to an evacuation of 100 passengers.  The fire is presumed to have been caused by a power failure.  Seoul Metro is facing criticism as testimonies showed the operator requested passengers to stay inside the train initially at the outbreak of the fire.  Some passengers said they escaped by opening the emergency door after seeing smoke.  A passenger said, "We did not hear any announcement about evacuating the train, passengers escaped by themselves after seeing the smoke and saw the fire after evacuating the train."

Yeonhap News via Naver: 'Wait' when there's a fire on the subway... Seoul Metro 'safety concerns' controversy

1. [+12,264, -101] After what happened with Sewol, if you hear "wait where you are", you have to put your life on the line and get out immediately.

2. [+6891, -86] Did they forget what happened in the Daegu subway fire already? Nothing's changing in this country...
(t/n: In the 2003 Daegu fire, an arsonist set fire killing 192 people and injuring 151 people.  Inadequate emergency plans and actions contributed to the disaster.  The operator made 3 announcements telling the passengers to 'stay seated' until the operator was advised 'to just hurry and run'.  The operator opened the doors and ran away but he removed the master key which trapped the train doors and locked the passengers inside.  Later reports said that 79 passengers remained trapped and died due to this.  This incident sparked anger throughout SK.)

3. [+6535, -106] Can't put my trust on anyone in this country.....

4. [+6185, -248] Mayor Park Won Soon stop focusing on the mayor candidates and focus on correcting operations so that there won't be anymore problems on the metro.  At least arrange a proper security measures manual.  Think about this as this is the path of being a mayor.

5. [+4085, -260] Looks like these people are turning similar to Park Geun Hye.

6. [+878, -24] At Hell Joseon, whenever there's an incident they always say to "wait"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+752, -30] Am I the only one who got reminded of Sewol ferry after reading the announcement they made?

8. [+699, -29] Park Won Soon, someone who has 3% approval rate, stop talking about the elections and take some interest in the citizens' safety

9. [+611, -8] I have trauma just hearing the words 'wait'.  I feel like I really won't believe it in any kind of situation anymore even if the right thing to do would be to wait.

10. [+526, -13] Were they trying to make a second Sewol accident??  Do they think the citizens would believe those announcements


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