Friday, 20 January 2017

The bus driver missing 2,400 won, "I got fired while chaebols are set free"

(t/n: This was mentioned by the top comment on this article where a bus driver who was missing 2400 won (~$2) was fired and charged for embezzlement while Samsung's CEO, Lee Jae Yong was set free.)

No Cut News via Daum: 2,400 won bus driver "Chaebols are set free and I got fired"

1. [+10,864, -73] Ji Kang Hun said this before. "One law for the rich and another for the poor." I can truly feel the truth of these words these days.

2. [+9899, -63] This country really seems to be a country for chaebols and their vested interests.  The term "Hell Joseon" didn't come out of nowhere.

3. [+8291, -554] Presidents and government officials who can't be honest, once they're ordered to kill the 'flies'... to them it's only right that this person gets fired, to them he embezzled 2,400 won even though it could be a simple mistake...

4. [+2919, -18] 420 billion won, set free. 2400 won, fired. Well, that's fair. ㅋㅋ

5. [+2882, -21] Are you reading this? Future generations will remember you judge Jo Eui Yeon (t/n: The judge who made the decision to dismiss Lee Jae Yong's arrest.)

6. [+2583, -16] The Department of Justice can be thrown in the trash~

7. [+2217, -17] You see here in Hell Joseon, you have to take a lot for you not to get arrested..

8. [+2014, -12] What a dirty world...


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