Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Park Geun Hye claims she was 'set up', denies all allegations in massive corruption scandal

Park Geun Hye was in seclusion for weeks since Dec. 9th when her powers were suspended under the National Assembly's impeachment bill.  On January 1st, she called a press conference where she answered questions from reporters and denied all allegations in the massive corruption scandal.
  • Denied playing a key role in pressuring Samsung and other big corporations in pouring money into non-profit foundations controlled by Choi Soon Sil
  • Insisted that she is a victim of a malicious campaign to smear her name. "Whatever decision we made, it was in the best interest of the country.  I am frustrated by all the distorted facts, incorrect news reports and lies..."
  • Regarding the Missing 7 Hours in which Park Geun Hye was 'missing' during the Sewol Ferry Disaster in 2014, she denied that she was receiving a cosmetic procedure done. "How can that be possible? I went back in my memories and can only recall people visiting me to touch up my hair and to bring me medicine."
  • Denied that Choi Soon Sil was controlling her and insisted that she is only an 'acquaintance' and that Park Geun Hye ran the country based on her own philosophy and conviction. 
    • Several witnesses have told prosecutors that they were told to appoint individuals in government without proper examination, and that Choi Soon Sil had to look at which officials were appointed for which positions.
    • Choi Soon Sil also ran two non-profit foundations under the backing of the Blue House.  They were staffed with her 'drinking buddies', had huge budgets, and were allowed to revise presidential speeches.
  • Denied blacklist of over 9,000 cultural figures seen as 'hostile' to the government, says she has no knowledge of this
  • Denied addiction to placenta injections, says "It is embarrassing to reveal each and every medication or pill I take.  I've never inflicted any damage to the country with that.  Those [injections] can be received to relieve fatigue." (Source)
TL;DR Basically, Park Geun Hye came out suddenly after weeks of being in seclusion and denied every allegation that the whole country has been making against her, arguing that she was 'set up' and giving contradictory excuses to the allegations.  

Yonhap News via Naver: President "Completely set up... False information about Sewol"

1. [+41278, -1742] She has an exceptional talent in speaking in a way that will anger the citizens.

2. [+32454, -1501] All the children up in the skies and in the water are crying.

3. [+29100, -1368] She said this bullshit 2 months ago too it's all lies

4. [+9496, -540] Are you sick in the head??

5. [+8010, -494] Being addicted to drugs makes people go crazy

6. [+7743, -420] If you really think you did nothing wrong, then why did you avoid the investigation?

7. [+6902, -475] Aiyoo, this imbecile...

8. [+6667, -435] No answer to this. She's just filled with nonsense excuses with no proof


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