Monday, 2 January 2017

Nam Joohyuk cast as lead for tvN's new manhwa-based drama 'Bride of the Water God'

Bride of the Water God Summary (Source)
Soah is a girl from a small village suffering from a long, devastating drought. In order to appease the Water God, the most beautiful girl from the village must be sacrificed. Soah is chosen to become Habaek's bride, but instead of dying at the hands of a monster, she is unexpectedly rescued by Habaek and brought to his Kingdom.
As Soah learns to live in a strange new world filled with gods, she is caught up in various intrigues surrounding Habaek and finds it increasingly difficult to know whom she can trust. In the midst of such trouble, she finds she has fallen in love with Mui, unaware that he is the true form of Habaek.

1. [+2414, -86] Oh.....? Oh????????

2. [+2426, -100] Habaek has a sexy and fatal aura to him though and Nam Joohyuk... seems only cute and fresh 

3. [+1884, -95] Bride of the Water God daebak...... his image roughly matches him but will he able to act the role... there's a lot of parts where he has to be cynical

4. [+1447, -176] Oh Nam Joohyuk's super handsome. Even from a guy's POV, he's handsome. But I still don't know about his actingㅜ

5. [+1568, -266] Hope he improves on his acting for it..

6. [+270, -9] The minute the drama goes off from the original writer's story, the drama's going to fail ㅇㅇ

7. [+256, -8] ...? Isn't someone with a really sexy aura better.... plus this drama is kind of a distinct fantasy... I think it won't be so good if it's turned into a drama..... there aren't a lot of funny points either... it's not a movie either and it'd be weird if they added comedy into itㅠ

8. [+246, -6] Please for dramas based on something else, don't adapt it however you like. Even if you cut off some small bits that's whatever but what are we supposed to do if you make it completely different;;

9. [+237, -15] If they change the setting to Seoul, then what difference does this have with Deokkaebi


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