Monday, 2 January 2017

Jung Joonyoung will comeback through music, new album in February

Sports Donga via Naver: Jung Joonyoung, return to activities "I want to greet everyone through music" [Official Stance]

1. [+1785, -251] Let's not forget that reporter

2. [+1426, -314] I'm happy about the album news too but I'm waiting for his comeback to 1N2D!!

3. [+915, -206] His vocal colour is so cool and nice, like in Sympathy

4. [+810, -194] What great news. I support you

5. [+785, -205] Hope he hits daebak for a long time

6. [+187, -35] Comic about Jung Joonyoung
(t/n: A comic that explains the whole situation about the controversy, explaining the facts on JJY's side)

7. [+168, -37] Hul Jung Joonyoung's return!!! It's nice to see him comeback through music, it's even better he's solo~ I like the band but I totally love Jung Joonyoung's vocal colour, it makes my heart flutter.. I really liked Sympathy~~

8. [+196, -47] Full album!!! It's a full album ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

9. [+172, -39] Jung Joonyoung, I'm cheering you on. Hit daebak~

10. [+228, -58] Looking forward to the new album. I hope for only good things to come your way this year


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