Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Cha Taehyun opens up about his panic disorder, has been taking medicine for 4 years


"It's something a lot of celebrities have to go through, you have to be able to overcome it. Otherwise, if something happens, you can faint. I know that feeling really well. I was like that. I've been to the ER a lot of times. I suffer from panic disorder and I've been taking medicine for 4 years now. It was really bad before I got married and it got better after I got married. There's no cure, I'm just bearing with it."

Sports Seoul via Naver: Cha Taehyun also goes through a panic disorder, "Taking medicine for 4 years... got better after getting married"

1. [+5507, -85] To think someone as bright as him is suffering from a disorder like that... the fact that there's no cure and you just have to withstand it.. he seems like such a good actor and a good person. Fighting Cha Taehyun!!

2. [+3550, -72] Cha Taehyun fighting!!

3. [+2605, -50] ㅠㅠ He's been suffering like that? ㅠㅠ Please be happy~~!!!!

4. [+2496, -71] He seems like someone with a good personality

5. [+2060, -67] You're awesome~

6. [+2062, -67] Even at that age, Cha Taehyun has this boyish charm to him

7. [+308, -6] He's so family-oriented and respectful.. there's a lot of good people around you, so I hope you continue to be bright and happy as you are now~^^

8. [+308, -7] Kind and good-hearted people are typically the ones that easily get disorders like these..

9. [+316, -10] He's one of the celebrities that really seem put together. I'm supporting you.


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