Friday, 20 January 2017

Idol trainees and students reveal the special treatment Chung Yoora got in high school

"Showed off her money, had bad manners, and were arrogant." This is how most of the teachers and students at Chungdam High School remembered Choi's daughter.  There was a time when Choi threatened the gym teacher and said, "I can get a little thing like you fired in an instant, Yoora's father won't stand for this."

However, according to the audit, Chung Yoora's school report was filled only with compliments. "She was naturally bright, lively and she would always listen to her friend's worries.  She was a well-rounded person with great relationships as she was kind and warm-hearted."

There were many instances where Chung was not present in class but the teachers would still give her 100% on tests to which the students complained about. When the students protested this, the teacher came to Yoora's defence and said, "[My actions] are like a mom trying to protect her child.  Can't you see she's going through so much to become a national representative [as a horseback rider]?"

Students and teachers were not allowed to wake Chung Yoora if she was sleeping.  A professor commented that they only saw Chung once or twice for a whole semester.  An alumni revealed, "She had no worries because she already had a university to go to, she went to school to sleep and if you woke her up, she'd get angry at you."  Another student said, "Sometimes she'd just drop by in the mornings and go straight home for lunch."

The high school is filled with students entering the entertainment field so there were also many idol trainees.  The teachers were biased and gave Chung Yoora special treatment.  An idol trainee in the same class as Chung once cried and complained to the teacher because only Chung was allowed to leave class early while the idol trainee was not allowed to miss school at all.

Joongang Ilbo via Naver: [Breaking] "Idol trainee in the same class cried because only Chung Yoora was allowed to leave early"

1. [+19,478, -161] I just can't believe something like this happened in this country.  Hope to see Chung Yoora arrested as soon as possible.

2. [+17,373, -133] Life's an ultimate set of corruption.

3. [+13,932, -243] Can't take away their assets anyway so might as well just put them behind bars for life...

4. [+11,670, -140] Yoora, rights always come with responsibility. It's time for you to pay.

5. [+11,066, -440] The Ewha professors and all the teachers involved, put them all in jail!!!  They don't have the right to be qualified teachers, we mustn't let them teach any more children!!! Disclose who they are!!!

6. [+1300, -13] Only ate lunch, went home early and played with her boyfriend.  No wonder she got pregnant when she was a senior in high school.  What did she learn growing up.  Like mother, like daughter.

7. [+1228, -19] Even chaebol kids won't act that bad.  Rich, classless bastards.

8. [+1049, -10] They're just taking this to the extremes, even the teachers "can't remember" stuff...

9. [+902, -8] The money they used to enjoy themselves are the citizen's tax money.


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