Thursday, 29 December 2016

Yoo Jaesuk makes brave speech about his hopes for South Korea + Update: Park Geunhye's fancafe adds Yoo Jaesuk as a target after speech

"I've learned a lot from Infinite Challenge.  I realized that it is the citizens who will save the nation when we are in times of need and in times of suffering.  These days, there's this saying of 'walking the flower path'.  I hope for the day to come where not just a few people will walk on it, but our whole country of South Korea to walk the flower path."

Star News via Daum: [MBC Entertainment Awards] Yoo Jaesuk's Daesang acceptance speech, "It is the citizens who will save the nation"

1. [+1952, -76] As expected of Yoo-God
His acceptance speech was filled with depth

2. [+1900, -61] "It's the citizens who will save the nation", kya~ Yoo Jaesuk jjang~

3. [+1616, -58] I was so touched after listening to his speech!!!

4. [+443, -28] Yoo Jaesuk~~ I know that he tries not to make any political remarks as best as he can~ but his speech today was really awesome of him to do~ as expected~~ ^^

5. [+437, -27] I support this kind of remark where one expresses their beliefs.  The best

6. [+427, -23] I teared up when he said he wants to change our country into one where all of the citizens can walk on a flower path~ Congrats on the daesang

7. [+352, -21] I'm so touched... fighting to Infinite Challenge next year too..

8. [+342, -19] I've always wanted Yoo Jaesuk to speak out,
but I thought it would put him at risk, so he can continue with his variety shows and donations...

But today I'm really thankful for his speech.
Congrats on the daesang Yoo-God

9. [+330, -16] This is great ^^
"It's the nation who will save the country"

10. [+321, -13] Yoo-God you've worked hard
All the members of MuDo, stay healthy and strong!

11. [+261, -25] You all going to put him on the blacklist now?

12. [+169, -14] Ah... I really needed to hear this... I'm a complete stranger but I adore Yoo Jaesuk as a person.. I'm proud to have a person like him as a fellow member of this country.. When current state of affairs leave me exhausted mentally and physically, I tell my son, "Yoo Jaesuk is a public figure, so if he comes out to speak to the public, it would give the nation strength but... this isn't a problem between different political views, this is a problem between what's right and what's wrong... am I being too much on him?" My son would tell me, "You can't force your own ideas on Yoo Jaesuk". This conversation left me disappointed but I know I was being selfish to hope for Yoo Jaesuk to speak out as a public figure... That's why I cried while watching his acceptance speech today. It gave me hope to hold another candle tomorrow.

Government creates blacklist of over 9,000 artists [if they were considered 'hostile' to the government or expressed their opinions on social issues]

Update: ParkSaMo (Park Geunhye's fancafe) targets Yoo Jaesuk after Daesang acceptance speech ㄷㄷㄷ

"Yoo Jaesuk is a leftist. I disagree with him and his speech."
"Yoo Jaesuk has always been left-wing.  I looked up articles and his parents are in Jeolla region."

- Don't you dare mess with Yoo Jaesuk

- Crazy bastards, if they try to do anything to Yoo-God...

- What the f*ck is up with ParkSaMo

- It's not right to mess with Yoo-God

- So what if you guys are against him?ㅋ No one cares about you
> Right?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ As if anyone cares

- I can't believe they're dragging Yoo Jaesuk into this...

- But Yoo Jaesuk only spoke the truth ㅋㅋㅋ What the heck are they disagreeing with? I don't get it...

- If you become a target of ParkSaMo, that means you've lived your life correctly


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