Saturday, 31 December 2016

Netizens give good reviews for Infinite Challenge's Hip-Hop x History songs

Star News via Naver: 'MuDo' Kwanghee X Gaeko 'Your Night'... #1 on music charts + line-up on the charts

1. [+13,282, -73] Gaeko really made a good song.. I got goosebumps the moment I heard it..

2. [+8648, -123] Gaeko recovered after SMTM

3. [+7776, -80] Gaeko is the top..

4. [+7074, -81] Oh Hyuk's voice....(thumbs up)

5. [+6337, -85] Gaeko's voice on its own set them way above anyone~ the performance was just a luxury~!

6. [+2221, -33] I cried while listening to the songs, can't believe Park Geunhye and Choi Soonshil ruined a country that people in our history put their lives at risk for. They're truly traitors, I'll never forgive them

My Daily via Naver: MuDo's Hip Hop X History, if they collaborate, it's an expected hit on the charts

1. [+12,510, -151] Gaeko and Kwanghee's song is really food. I couldn't say anything else but 'Wow!' All the other songs are good too, especially that they talked about current events

2. [+9774, -136] Gaeko was the coolest

3. [+5851, -77] Wow all the songs today were touching

4. [+4873, -76] MuDo's legacy

5. [+4510, -74] All the songs are good!!!!!

Naver TV Cast: Haha x Mino

1. [+3094, -55] Song Mino... he's gotten even better, Haha was much better than I expected

2. [+2434, -27] They really livened up the performance

3. [+1944, -35] Wow, the song's so good..

4. [+1735, -26] The meaning of the twelve people gave me goosebumps.. the song 'Shoot' is so good!!

5. [+1669, -31] Song Mino's really good.... the song and the atmosphere matches very well

6. [+1557, -23] Haha raps well

Naver TV Cast: Park Myungsoo X DinDin ft. Mad Clown

1. [+4378, -20] Wow seriously DinDin's lyrics are so good. He only put in facts and I didn't know he could rap that well.. The Dokdo-Ri part is addicting too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The song's really good

2. [+4030, -15] To be honest their lyrics were the most refreshing

3. [+3703, -10] "You already know, the truth" Daebak..

4. [+2893, -15] DinDin's much better than I thought!!!

5. [+2658, -9] DinDin always joked around so I thought he was only cute but after seeing him on stage, he's actually sexy. You're sexy DinDin

Naver TV Cast: Yoo Jaesuk x Dok2 ft. Lee Hi

1. [+2700, -34] Dok2's rap was awesome...

2. [+2645, -28] I liked their wit for including famous sayings in the lyrics

3. [+1996, -24] Yoo Jaesuk's part was the most fitting and refreshing for the current generation

4. [+1879, -58] Lee Hi's crazily good...

5. [+1555, -24] Dok2 was perfect and Lee Hi's voice fit really well with the rap..

Naver TV Cast: Yang Sehyung x BewhY

1. [+2197, -30] Their stage was really cool. The song was good too. Yang Sehyung you worked hard!!!

2. [+1740, -20] Their performance was awesome ㄷㄷ

3. [+1606, -21] Yang Sehyung's cute. BewhY's hook is so addicting

4. [+1578, -19] The Korean flag at the very end, keeu~

5. [+1373, -23] BewhY obviously did well but Yang Sehyung's actually pretty good too ㄷㄷ

Naver TV Cast: Jung Junha x ZICO ft. NELL

1. [+2341, -29] Wow NELL's vocal. Kim Jongwan (NELL) is on Muhan Dojeon.. his vocal colour is so good... Zico hyung-nim did so well, his rap and performance

2. [+1986, -42] Zico's tweet, "Without leaving anyone out, I will keep all of you in my thoughts forever" there was this hidden message (Sewol tragedy)

3. [+1689, -49] The reason why Zico is successful. His music spectrum is so wide. From his old mixtapes, to Block B, to Kim Sejeong's 'Flower Path', and this song.. I wonder if there's an end to Zico's surprises

4. [+1254, -22] There's no future for those who forget history!!

5. [+1153, -24] Cried during NELL's part...

Naver TV Cast: Hwang Kwanghee x Gaeko ft. Oh Hyuk

1. [+12,294, -59] I like this song the best

2. [+8838, -147] As expected of Gaeko. Now that the generations are changing and more rappers are popping up, I still hold Gaeko as the top #1 in my heart.

3. [+7694, -71] They're a wall.. I cried while watching.. Oh Hyuk's voice gave me goosebumps

4. [+6898, -41] Gaeko's class is on a different level, as expected

5. [+6871, -163] Kwanghee did really well, Gaeko as a rapper did so well too


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