Sunday, 8 January 2017

Haha discusses the consequences of physically taxing variety shows like Infinite Challenge or Running Man

Haha discussed the health consequences of being on physically taxing variety shows.  He talked about shows like Running Man and Infinite Challenge and the health issues these have caused variety stars.  Haha revealed he has problems with his spinal disc which he had to receive treatment for.  Yoo Jaesuk twisted his ankle and has other problems with his back, neck, and fingers.  Gary tore one of his ligaments making it hard for him to hold up a bowl of patbingsu. He mentioned that variety show members who use their bodies are like athletes who don't have time to recover (because of tight schedules and filming.) Haha said that injuries are typically edited out and these are topics they can't talk about as making others laugh is their priority.

Haha also discussed how there's always some uncertainty. 'If you make one mistake, if the PDs or crew don't need you anymore, it's over. I'm aware that when Infinite Challenge ends, our popularity will also end one day. I'm not pretending to be good. I just do what I'm told. I learned what humility is from Infinite Challenge.'

Herald Pop via Naver: 'People are good' Haha reveals the 'Infinite Challenge' members' light and shadows

1. [+3773, -92] On the outside, being an 'Infinite Challenge member' seems like such an impressive and great title but on the inside, it seems like it's extremely hard, burdensome, and stressful.....

2. [+2733, -100] I felt sad when I watched this. Looks like it's so much harder than what they show us.

3. [+2293, -79] MuDo fighting.. Fighting to Haha, MuDo, and Byul

4. [+1963, -79] Stay strong. Haha, we're always supporting you!!!!!!!!

5. [+1627, -118] No matter how much of a variety show it is, isn't too much if it's causing them serious health problems like these? Do they really have to take it that far

6. [+360, -23] I think there's a huge pressure and responsibility to make people laugh for cast members of MuDo because of the popularity and power the show holds. It's amazing that the MuDo members withstand that kind of pressure and are still able to laugh and bring joy to us.

7. [+296, -17] As a full-time office worker, it's hard for those entering their 40s or mid-40s too... it's impossible to earn as much as celebrities but their job isn't easy either. Haha says that he envies full-time office workers, but it's also a tragic job with the same circumstances~ every day is scary, and you wonder what you'll do if you get fired. We don't have a back-up property like celebrities so every single day I'm filled with anxiousness.

8. [+250, -5] It's true that celebrities are temporary. But Haha's level is already super high... Even if things turn the wrong way and he quits being a celebrity, he can still live well with his store and promotions

9. [+269, -16] Please, let's not make a case where you have to leave the show because of a serious injury or accident. If you're hurting, you can rest. I don't want any accidents to happen.

10. [+284, -26] I'm choked up.. Yoo Jaesuk and Haha are both on Running Man and Infinite Challenge, I wonder how burdensome and difficult it must've been.. hope no accidents happen this 2017.. I feel their pressure too.. Haha, Muhan Dojeon, have strength!!!


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