Monday, 26 December 2016

SBS finds blacklist of over 9,000 artists created by the government

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Background Summary: (t/n: I'll try to keep it as condensed as I can.)
Many investigations began after the Choi Soon Shil scandal.  Back in November, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (MCST) were investigated because the minister, Cho Yoon Sun, was alleged for creating a blacklist of artists who criticize or are "hostile" to the government.
For instance, they were accused of stripping 6 high ranking officials because their political views "did not match or were incompatible with the Park administration." 3 of those officials ended up leaving.

In November, Cho Yoon Sun and Jung Kwan Joo were accused of leading the blacklist compilation of over 9,000 artists and cultural figures which they denied afterwards.

Suspicion has already been growing since a lot of artists, government officials, and figures have been speaking up about this.  Many of them were at the candlelight rally, where they finally felt free to express their views in spite of possible repercussions (i.e. being marked, blacklisted, etc.).  A lot of them were finally able to share music and arts that were not held back by the music industry control.

(Where are the K-pop idols?  They are under the control of big companies so they cannot join in those rallies even if they wanted to.  If they did, the system is likely to break any will of the idols' to participate in social issues - because as we see below there's consequences for participating in these kinds of things...)

Anyway, today that blacklist was obtained by SBS.
It has names of professors, poets, choreographers, 48 artists, 43 groups like film companies, theatre companies and more.
The list shows the name and next to the name there's a reason provided for why that person or company is blacklisted.
The most common reasons were things like: opposed certain politicians, supported Moon Jaein (t/n: Park Geunhye's opponent when she first ran for President), expressed opinions on social issues, etc.
Professors from Seoul National University and Yonsei Univeristy are on the list for participating and standing up to social issues as well.  It also includes news sites (Kyunghyang Newspaper, Hankyoreh, Korea Daily) who are branded because they opposed the government's views.
Those on the blacklist were put at a disadvantage like budget cuts or had to pay money for freedom of expression.  For example, one company that produced and made a film showing truthful criticisms of the government and their history was dropped and cut off from the Ministry's budget.

SBS via Daum: [Exclusive] Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's blacklist found... Details of specified names

1. [+1943, -5] Let's start with a tax investigation on Cho Yoosun.

2. [+1414, -10] They branded Kyunghyang Newspaper, Korea Daily, and Hankyoreh as 'leftists'.
How is Korea Daily a leftist

3. [+1339, -7] This is the Nazi, they're Nazis
Is Kim Ki Choon's (t/n: former presidential top aide) real name Hitler?

4. [+425, -2] Arrest Cho Yoosun

5. [+419, -2] This is the citizens' blacklist
1) Park Geunhye
2) Choi Soonshil
3) Kim Kichoon
4) Woo Byungwoo
5) Cho Yoosun
6) Lee Junghyun
7) Lee Jaeyong
8) Ahn Jongbum
Special Awards) Choi Taemin, Jung Yoora

6. [+404, -1] This is Lee Junghyun and Cho Yoosun's combined work..

7. [+349, -4] Park Geunhye's government is total trash...

Today Humor: SBS obtains the ministry's blacklist

- SBS changed ㄷㄷ

- Wow SBS is hitting a lot of homeruns these days ㅋㅋㅋ JTBC got a homerun today too ㅋㅋ  Guess they're competing with one another

- This is freaking daebak ㅋ

- Everyone on the blacklist is what a normal person should be

- ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you supported Moon Jaein you were immediately on the blacklist ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Wow... the list is utterly shameful.  Might as well put the whole country in the list.

- Ha...............what is this now..........

- It's starting to feel like North Korea...Park Geunhye's government ㅡㅡ


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