Monday, 26 December 2016

Netizens suspicious of Naver for manipulating Kim Yoojung's articles

OSEN via Naver: 'Because I Love You' Kim Yoojung, first public appearance after controversy..bright look

1. [+8011, -958] If she didn't smile brightly, she'll get called shameless.  If she doesn't, she would get cursed for her attitude.. What is she supposed to do?  Celebrities must be so tired

2. [+4470, -587] I saw on the news that Naver was politically involved, looks like that's true

3. [+4170, -570] Naver is really funny.  They took down articles from the main page that had 300 comments and then put up another with a more provocative title!!
> As expected of Naver tsk tsk
> I can't even trust Naver anymore ㅜ
> But can't lie that this is what pulls people in ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I feel so bad for Yoojung
> What's up with Naver
> Even if they're good at acting, or if they're pretty, they'll still get antis... I mean she even got hate for wearing a yellow ribbon on 1N2D...
> Since Naver is the #1 search engine, the government makes them put up the most click-bait, provocative titles on the main page and they control the real-time searches, it's a dirty business

4. [+4477, -794] You're all the ones who started this controversy in the first place. This is a witch hunt

5. [+3891, -944] She must've been nervous, it's nice to see her try to look bright. So pretty, pretty

6. [+732, -192] It's the reporters that caused the controversy. Once you get caught by them, they won't let you go.

7. [+803, -225] All of the fanaccounts of people who attended the event said that Kim Yoojung looked bright and positive, she waved a lot, smiled a lot, and was full of praises! It's sad that people are making a controversy for just a few seconds of that one video. I hope the bad things you all wrote for her will come back to you one day.

8. [+557, -150] Naver's too much.. I'm disappointed. They put up such a clickbait, provoking title on the main page. The "lovely smile" article was on the main page too but then they took it down. Don't they feel skeptical for doing that kind of thing? Please do your job properly

9. [+550, -155] If you read all of the fanaccounts, you'll find that everyone who attended enjoyed themselves and didn't have problems. Why are the people who didn't even attend the event the ones making a fuss about this? Isn't that weird? Do you enjoy the provocative accusations more than the truth, you self-proclaimed moral, noble, high-minded netizens


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