Sunday, 1 January 2017

Deokhwa, king's servant and Euntak's father get more suspicious as the story goes on

TV Report via Naver: Yoo Deokhwa, king's servant, and Euntak's Father... get more suspicious as you get to know more about them 'Goblin'

1. [+8552, -133] Yesterday's scene with Lee Dongwook as King Yeo was freaking awesome. It was only one scene but it left a strong impression. I didn't know they would show Lee Dongwook in his King days, so I was super surprised by the scene. It was only a few seconds with no lines yet you could feel his devastation. He was filled with charisma.

2. [+5469, -140] Someone said that Euntak could be the past king's servant, but isn't it absurd for someone who has committed such great sins to be reincarnated as Euntak... I think it's the grim reaper's junior... anyway, I was really surprised because I just realized the fact that Kim Shin couldn't recognize the King's face because he only saw the King as a young boy...

3. [+3403, -180] If Euntak's father turns out to be the king's servant, it'd be such a reversal~~! I wonder what the Goblin will decide to do...

4. [+2527, -138] Maybe the kid that accompanied the Goblin in the very beginning became a God? So that he could be with the Goblin until the very end?

5. [+2169, -179] Won't Euntak's dad be the king's servant and appear as a new character... the dad is the one who committed the sin and the daughter is who's going to save the Goblin

6. [+663, -12] But the loyal servant's acting skills though ㅎㄷㄷ.. The scene where he was face to face with Kim Sohyun was so goosebump-inducing

7. [+638, -7] I thought Lee Dongwook wouldn't fit historical clothing but turns out I was just a fool...

8. [+608, -5] The difference between the grim reaper and the king at the end was so evident. That one scene showed us how hard his life has been. His pose was really sexy and his pose was awesome


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