Thursday, 26 January 2017

Choi Soon Sil makes a big scene in front of reporters, claims investigators verbally abusing her

When Choi Soon Sil was being brought in for questioning by the investigation counsel, she put on a bizarre performance.  She shouted at the reporters claiming that she was "being forced to make confessions" and that the investigators are abusing their power (e.g. screaming at her, threatening her, putting a lot of pressure on her) and "defaming" her family.  Choi was brought in under a new arrest warrant after she refused to be summoned six times, claiming she was ill and accusing officials of 'repressive investigation'.

Investigators said she was quiet during the ride to the investigation office and her outburst upon her arrival seemed to be intended to tarnish the investigation. Choi refused to answer questions during the investigation because she felt the questions were biased against her.

It's unclear whether Choi was having a mental breakdown or whether her outburst is a deliberate attempt to stall the investigation.  Lee Kyu Chul, spokesperson of the investigation counsel, told reporters, "We will not be swayed by Choi's groundless comments and proceed with our investigation.  Her refusal to answer questions will be used as evidence against her."

Video of the outburst: (Starts at 0:41)

(t/n: The Korean word used here was 'samjok' which can mean three generations/families, or could refer to one's spouse, siblings, parents, family on your father's side or mother's side, or your spouse's family.  I used family for the translations below but just keep in mind it refers to more than just immediate family members.)

1. [+44,-389, -859] If that's how the investigation counsel really treated her, I think we need to give them an award.

2. [+36,384, -633] They were too nice on her.  I think they should be even harsher

3. [+34,204, -610] If the investigation counsel was like that to her, the citizens of the country appreciate it, of course.  We're still a democracy so that's why we're keeping a bastard like you alive still.

4. [+28,103, -489] Please write news headlines more accurately~ there's no proof so how can you call it a "reveal"?  You should call it a one-sided claim

5. [+24,829, -447] A family tree worse than a dog's~~~

6. [+7579, -129] Isn't the investigation team too democratic?  Catch Lee Kyung Jae too (t/n: Choi Soon Sil's attorney)

7. [+7487, -116] But isn't it true that her whole family should be punished since they all committed a big crime

8. [+6890, -123] Only her family? Put all her relatives on the list too

9. [+6761, -113] Please if you can, punish her family too

10. [+6211, -119] There should be a law where we can punish all the family members involved too... we're all for it


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