Friday, 30 December 2016

Park Bogum shines with excellent MC skills at the KBS Gayo Festival


Sports Donga via Naver: [2016 KBS Gayo Festival] MC Park Bogum, "Honoured to be here, nervous"

1. [+2192, -50] They made such a great decision making Park Bogum an MC

2. [+2070, -41] Park Bogum's MCing is stable and his voice is comfortable to listen to. I think it won't be so bad to use a young male MC to host shows more often.

3. [+1637, -41] Bogum, you're so cool~~!!

4. [+1479, -26] He's really super handsome. What a warm end to the year

5. [+1309, -35] Bogum oppa, ♡ your voice is like honey ♡

6. [+568, -11] Park Bogum puts down his cue sheets while MCing, wow he's really good. Is there anything he can't do

7. [+557, -13] Park Bogum's a good MC.. He has good pronunciation and people like him because he's kind and looks like it too

8. [+492, -11] Park Bogum hosted the show well with his voice and eye contact. Was he always that good of an MC? Now I know why people go crazy over him

9. [+477, -11] Park Bogum's crazy handsome ㄷㄷㄷㄷ


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