Sunday, 25 December 2016

Naver under fire for manipulating real-time searches if the government asked for it

(t/n: A more serious topic but I thought it would be interesting to share!)

Summary: Basically, Naver is under fire for having a rule, established in 2012, that they can remove search words if administrative and judicial institutions ask them to do so.  This includes presidential offices, National Intelligence Service, prosecutors, police, the court, and the ministries.  Daum also has a similar rule.

They've also removed certain search words when companies or universities requested for them to do so. They're now under scrutiny because it infringes people's right to know and allows the government more power to control the Internet.

From March to May of 2016, a total of 119,317 search words were removed.

Yonhap News via Daum: Naver and Daum under scrutiny over rule to remove search words if the government requests

1. [+4183, -7]  I already knew from the start.
They're minions of those in power.

2. [+3537, -8]  Unbelievable... Old man Park Junghee and Park Soonshil's power

3. [+836, -1]  Trash portals... portals of the government!
We should just call them trash news sites from Joseon!

4. [+794, -3]  It's already been 9 years since I haven't used Naver... Daum and Google is enough for me...

5. [+764, -1]  I really can't criticize China.  Our country is just as controlled.

6. [+672, -4]  It's already been years since I've boycotted Naver

7. [+608, -1]  We knew

Today Humor: Naver's rule under fire

- Crazy... is this what the country's like

- I don't do anything else except look at the sports section on Naver
> For me it's TV Cast only...

- Everyone was expecting that already but now that it's proven, it's kind of sad.

- Why's everyone shocked ㅋㅋㅋ
Was there anyone who didn't know this?  This is what any search portal is reduced to
This is nothing for the government

- They would've failed if not for the Webtoons

- I wonder just how much they've controlled
That's the scariest


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