Saturday, 24 December 2016

Jung Haein is the descendant of a historical figure who was praised for his good looks?


 'Jung Haein', he appeared as Kim Goeun's first love on Goblin today

Jung Yakyong was known as a flower boy back in the Joseon era
He had beautiful features and was complimented for it

 Jung Haein is Jung Yakyong's 6th generation descendant
He appeared on 'The Three Musketeers'

He's FNC's hidden treasure

This would be Jung Yakyong if he were in 2016
As expected if you've got the genes to make you handsome

Instiz: An actor who is the 6th generation descendant of Jung Yakyong 

- Woah that's so interesting...

- What an incredible family tree

- Yeah he is handsome

- He has great genes

- Yeah, well, I'm my dad's 1st generation descendant....
> I'm my grandpa's 2nd generation descendant!!
>>Hul I'm my great gandpa's 3rd generation!!!
>>>Is this fate...

- I was so shocked since he popped up on my TV while I was looking at him on my phone

- I'm watching him right now and wow....

- The way he smiles is so handsome

- Wasn't he Hyeri's first love in Reply??

- That's so cool, he must be so proud of that family line..


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