Friday, 7 July 2017

"Shortage of actors", no one to pick from to meet drama demands say casting directors

If you're a producer or a casting director for a new drama, you're sure to get a headache.  The reason?  There are no actors to cast, especially if you're trying to find actors in their 20s.  It's even harder knowing that most drama roles are about characters in that age range.  Just take a look at Fight My Way, My Sassy Girl, Bride of the Water God, Ruler: Master of the Mask, Suspicious Partner, or Duel.  

Even though casting directors try their best to find someone with the same age as the drama roles, they say the problem is "there are no actors for us to cast" or better yet, "there are no actors that can take on the lead role."  They say there's a shortage of actors in their 20s but why is this?

Male actors in their 20s or 30s have their military enlistment hanging above their heads.  A few examples include Joo Won who officially enlisted in the army after finishing My Sassy Girl, Ji Changwook is planning on enlisting after Suspicious Partner and Im Siwan's on the same boat too. 

The same thing is happening with actresses.  Those in their teens like Kim Yoojung and Kim Sohyun were recently cast for Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and Ruler, respectively.  An insider revealed, "A lot of dramas portray characters in their 20s or 30s but actors that are within that age range are very limited.  There aren't a lot to pick from so it becomes a battlefield.  A lot of male actors have to enlist in the army and as dramas are getting longer and longer, it's getting harder to cast people."

"We're at a state where the supply can't meet the demand.  So us producers can't help but worry when we have to do new castings and find new leads."

1. [+2031, -21] I know they cast people based on popularity to get the ratings up but I hope they give a chance to unknown actors who have the skill.  They really need to dig out actors that are earnest and passionate for acting

2. [+1663, -20] Please give more unknown actors a chance rather than idols~

3. [+974, -17] Is that why idols and singers are popping up as actors?  Because supply can't meet the demand.........

4. [+600, -3] Actually they just wanna use the popular kids

5. [+592, -4] What they mean is there are a lot of actors but they don't really want to hunt them down

6. [+503, -4] There's so many students majoring in acting though?  There's so many people at university theatres?  You mean you just can't be bothered to find them

7. [+446, -7] Give unknown actors a chance

8. [+440, -2] So that's why model turned actors who can't really act are given leads...?

9. [+369, -2] If you listen to what actors say on variety shows, they're probably all just stuck at home

10. [+333, -2] They just pick the most obvious choices.. let's all give people a chance..

11. [+295, -8] There's gotta be actors. It's just that they're trying to find actors who are already stars.. you can't find an actor like Seo Hyunjin just like that.  Look at how Yoo Yeonseok got bigger after he was given the opportunity. I think there's a lot of people who can become stars as long as they do the audition well

12. [+191, -2] It's not that there's no actors it's that there are no actors who can earn money for these writers, producers and broadcast companies... there's so many skilled rookie actors!

13. [+162, -3] I actually think it'd be a fresh and exciting idea if they were to cast a good actor no one knew at all


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