Thursday, 6 July 2017

Kim Youngchul, from no-jam to riding the president's private jet to Berlin

On July 6th, Kim Youngchul accompanied President Moon Jaein on the presidential jet 'Code One' to Berlin.  He sang his song, 'Ring Ring' at the president's gathering for Koreans living in Germany. 

1. [+4490, -46] I don't know if you'll remember but on Radio Star, what Yoon Jongshin said was so important... "give that song to Youngchul" ㅋㅋ

2. [+3489, -81] It's true that this is a flower road.  No matter how much of a celebrity you are, no one can just ride the presidential jet like that.. He asked to have a hollywood debut through a game when Psy was on 'Knowing Bros' now that I think about it, he might be able to no?!?!

3. [+1876, -45] He really did succeed..

4. [+1905, -93] Kim Youngchul rode the president's private jet....? Am I the only one who didn't know...

5. [+1320, -39] Congratulations

6. [+376, -13] What's interesting is he's funny on other shows but how come only on Knowing Bros he's no funㅋㅋㅋ I think he's the type who does well in comfortable settings but his energy drops when there's a lot of people hard carrying around him like Knowing Bros..ㅜ Don't back down and just go for it~ He seems to be someone who's worked hard since his debut up until now so I really want to support him!

7. [+352, -10] He looks like someone who always has a dream and he doesn't let others bring him down.  I was cheering him on all this time even though he's known as 'no fun' so this is good news~~~

1. [+2981, -44] Next week on Knowing Bros, Kang Hodong: Ya!!! Kim Youngchul!!!!!!!!!!! (Grabs him by the neck) Is it really true?!!!!

2. [+1955, -65] He must've been a bit annoyed when they joke about him leaving Knowing Bros so for a day like this to come, bravo~~

3. [+1750, -49] Wow, he really did succeed!!!!

4. [+1302, -38] Kim Youngchul fighting!!! Be successful~~~ this is the best x3

5. [+1039, -32] I'm always supporting Youngchul hyung!!!!

6. [+243, -1] I guess it's really true that people who work hard will be helped by the heavens.  Kim Byungman and Kim Youngchul are really awesome.  They've shown us that it's possible as long as you work hard.  Learning a language isn't something you can achieve in a few days either....

7. [+217, -4] Youngchul's the type to love and have passion for the things he does so a day like this has finally come for him.  I'm smiling because of the president's easygoing personality too, taking a photo like this.


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