Thursday, 16 February 2017

Samsung's Lee Jae Yong arrested on bribery charges

Recap: 01/19/17 Court dismisses arrest warrant for Samsung's CEO, Lee Jae Yong released from detention

Lee Jae Yong was arrested early on Feb. 17 on charges that include bribery in connection with the corruption scandal surrounding Park Geun Hye and Choi Soon Sil.  Prosecutors suspect that Lee Jae Yong gave approximately $36.3 million USD worth of bribes to Choi Soon Sil in return for the government's backing of a merger of two Samsung affiliates.

The investigation counsel has also requested an extension of their investigation.  They were initially given 70 days and they only have 12 days left until the Feb. 28 deadline.  The investigation can be extended for a month with the consent of the acting President and Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn.

Yonhap News via Naver: Investigation counsel's retrial leads to Lee Jae Yong's arrest... makes a 'big wave' in the investigation of President Park

1. [+27,931, -1432] Awesome !!!

2. [+27,383, -1734] Judge Han Jung-suk, you're great.  Without a doubt, you've made a good choice and someday your decision will be the stepping stone for a better and cleaner world.  With this, Park Geun Hye's pretty much done for bribery charges and they can't deny a thorough investigation and a search of the Blue House anymore.  Let's push through with it again, fighting to the investigation counsel!!

3. [+21,907, -913] Woo Byung-woo, the secretaries, and those members involved plus one more left to be caught.

4. [+20,055, -1167] Wow! Today's a national holiday!

5. [+18,107, -1002] Please give these devils the punishment that they deserve~~~~

6. [+6853, -353] Judge Han Jung-suk, your supporter isn't Samsung, the 45 million citizens are here to back you up.  Furthermore, your courage and righteous judgment will be of value to our future generations.  You've worked hard and I thank you.  Following this, impeachment is pretty much 100% confirmed and also I'm anticipating for at least more than 10 years of imprisonment.

7. [+6573, -309] Justice is still alive!  Thank you investigation counsel!!

8. [+6189, -285] Judge Han Jung-suk, thank you!  Hope the investigation counsel gets approved an extension and fighting to the team!

9. [+5944, -243] Then Park Geun Hye who accepted the bribe should be punished!~~ Also PM Hwang who has been protecting Park Geunhye needs to permit a search warrant now that the bribery has been revealed and an extension should be approved.

10. [+5597, -258] Investigation counsel you've worked hard!

Yonhap News via Naver: [Lee Jae Yong's Arrest] The investigation counsel flies high and goes over Samsung... heading for President Park

1. [+15,200, -471] Our goal for tomorrow is an extension of the investigation team.  Let's meet at Gwanghwamun Square.

2. [+13,443, -410] Good job!!!  The investigation team's freaking cool!!!

3. [+12,088, -334] We desperately want this~ please bring down punishment~ on these wicked people~~~~

4. [+11,650, -384] Lee Jae Yong's arrest!!!!!  The country brought back justice.  Equality is still alive in the law.

5. [+9834, -342]  Today's a national holiday!

6. [+2828, -120] A big round of applause to the investigation team!  Give them what they deserve, clap clap clap!

7. [+2746, -107] ParkSaMo "Oh no...who will give our allowances now.." ㅋㅋ

Asia Economics via Naver: Lee Jae Yong caught by investigation team, investigation extension under discussion

1. [+8356, -290] Park Yeong-soo!!!  I'm really proud that you guys exist.  We need to lay down justice!!!  Please deal a heavy blow to these corrupt forces!!

2. [+7702, -284] If they don't extend it, Old Fox-Hwang, you're so dead!!!

3. [+6783, -184] Of course they have to prolong it, they've only just begun the fire

4. [+6451, -174] Fighting to the team

5. [+5847, -155] Extend it for 6 more months!

6. [+1542, -43] They didn't stop working over the holidays too, honestly you have all worked so hard

7. [+1394, -44] They've got to extend it, we have to reveal all the happenings

8. [+1324, -47] Hwang Kyo-ahn accept the extension!


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