Thursday, 2 February 2017

Pyo Chang Won suspended for controversy over nude painting of Park Geun Hye

Last month, Pyo Chang Won hosted an art exhibition in the lobby of the National Assembly building.  A painting titled "Dirty Sleep" which shows President Park Geun Hye in the nude lying next to Choi Soon Sil was featured in the exhibition and is said to be a parody of Edouard Manet's "Olympia". 

Conservative supporters of Park were arrested by police at the exhibition on the chargers of damaging property as they took down the painting and threw it on the floor.  The opposition and ruling party were critical of Pyo with some saying the painting "sexually objectified" women and called for the Democratic Party to apologize.

In the face of criticism, Pyo Chang Won said the exhibition should be respected in terms of freedom of speech, but that he will take responsibility for the controversy.  "It surely does not suit my taste.  But I believe it is within the boundary of the freedom of arts.  I do not intend to intervene, obstruct, oppose, or disrupt mockery, caricature, parody, or satire against me.  In the same manner, we should respect criticism and satire of public figures including the president, politicians and other people with authority."

The artist, Lee Ku Young, defended the work and said in a radio interview, "A president of a country is an obvious target of satire".  The exhibition was planned by 20 artists who were on an arts blacklist for their opposition to the government. (Source)

YTN via Daum: Democratic Party suspends Pyo Chang Won for six months over 'nude painting controversy'

1. [+13,091, -848] This isn't right.  Why is the Democratic Party still being wary of the Saenuri Party.  Pathetic of them

2. [+10,778, -558] Aigoo... they've gone crazy..

3. [+10,316, -597] Venus de Milo is banned for display because of "sexually objectifying" women. Is this what you call a country? They seem to be living in a country to themselves.  How funny.

4. [+4042, -171] For a problem that will just flow right through the Saenuri members, I don't understand why they have to take it as far as to giving a disciplinary action.  Is the Democratic Party just following their orders?  What's the reason for them being pushed around by the Saenuri Party every time?????????

5. [+3936, -177] Gae-nuri doesn't even have near 100 seats, do they really have to watch out for them?  Let's kick out Kim Jintae for good.

6. [+3519, -163] Such bullshit... This is something that wouldn't even be a controversy in other countries... It's the presidential elections so I'm not going to write a hate comment.

7. [+3492, -162] This is unfair, retract the disciplinary action!!

8. [+3146, -139] What crime has he done?

9. [+2892, -129] Ah fuck, this is crazy!  What are they trying to do?

10. [+2720, -112] What bullshit is this


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