Sunday, 5 February 2017

Moon Geunyoung recovering well after emergency surgery for acute compartment syndrome

TV Report: "Recovering health" Moon Geunyoung's agency "Successfully completed additional surgery yesterday (4th)... currently on recovery"

1. [+3171, -157] Everyone~ no matter how great money is, as expected being healthy is the most important thing.

2. [+2741, -81] I'm so relieved her surgery went well.... I hope she recovers soon and shows us her bright self~!!

3. [+1876, -67] What a relief

4. [+1436, -59] I really hope she finishes all the surgeries safely

5. [+1478, -64] Isn't health the number one most important thing?  You have to be healthy in order to work, hoping she recovers quickly

6. [+182, -10] What a relief, honestly what a relief.. hope she doesn't have to go through any additional surgeries.  Hope to see her back on her feet again

7. [+163, -9] I'm so glad her surgery went well.  Hope she receives treatment well and gets stronger from this

8. [+167, -15] I think she had such a huge burden for her stage role, hope she gets well soonㅠ


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