Sunday, 5 February 2017

Fear of revenge attacks after a break-up, brings up need for strict stalking laws

#1 On January 9th, Ms. Lee was found unconscious and bleeding in a parking lot in front of a villa in Nonhyeon-dong where she lived.  She was transferred to a nearby hospital but she died after three days.  Her death was due to a severe injury which completely fractured her skull.  The perpetrator behind the crime was found to be her ex-boyfriend (33) Mr. Kang.  He said the reason for his random attack was because, "she didn't want to meet me..."

#2 Last year in February, a man in his 40s sprayed hydrochloric acid on his ex-girlfriend.  Mr. Yang (41) went to the woman's (31) home in Yongsan and sprayed her with the acid that he'd prepared in advance.  The problem was because of their break-up.  Her eyes and shoulders are severely injured.  In addition to this, Mr. Yang used a stun gun which he was going to use to kidnap her.

A new word "Safe Break-ups" has popped up online as it is becoming a serious social problem with crimes escalating from simple arguments to threats, stalking, murder, rape and other violent crimes.

Many have been asking for tougher punishments for stalkers and protection for victims.  In the past, perpetrators would get a slap on the wrist and did not stop as all they had to do was pay a small fine of approximately $70.  Victims continued to live in fear and mental security.   The government is currently preparing a new law to toughen punishment for stalkers by raising fines up to $17,000 plus a penalty of imprisonment as part of their plan to fight against sexual, domestic and school violence.

Newsis via Daum: 'Scared to break up after dating'... fear of 'revenge assaults' after a break-up

1. [+2152, -37] Crazy bastards

2. [+1789, -50] They're such bad people.  If they're tired of the relationship, just wish them well and date someone else, why take revenge...

3. [+1450, -127] Even when you break-up, you have to break-up well

4. [+832, -39] Guys, let's not be like this~~ if they want you gone, just let them go~~ don't hang on like a loser!

5. [+723, -17] Looks like there was a reason they wanted to break up..

6. [+670, -16] No matter the reason, they don't want to be with them anymore, the fact that they took it as far as assaulting them makes them such a loser.  What do you get from that..

7. [+637, -39] Just by reading the comments, there's a lot of people who seem to have the potential to committing something like this

8. [+504, -18] Gae-Nuri has been going on and on about making a stalker law...but they haven't even proposed anything



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