Monday, 9 January 2017

Why is Lee Dongwook's 'grim reaper' character on Dokkaebi so popular?


OhmyNews via Naver: <Dokkaebi> Why is the grim reaper popular... the answer lies with the writer

1. [+12,673, -159] Lee Dongwook isn't someone to only be a supporting actor, so I was wondering about that. But he knows how to be humble so I think he's receiving good luck.

2. [+10,316, -96] Kim Eunsook wrote the character well but Lee Dongwook brought the role to life... his stare is so naturalㅠ Also, I think the fact that Gong Yoo and Lee Dongwook are close made a big contribution to their chemistry as the goblin and the grim reaper. If you watch the behind the scenes videos, you can see that they're comfortable and discuss things with each other since they're close.  They both make and receive each other's ad-libs which brings their characters to life.

3. [+7989, -92] They didn't go with the cliche love triangle between the female lead and second male lead, so it was even more eye-catching. To be honest, we're all tired of the love triangle cliche.

4. [+4759, -218] Lee Dongwook picked a good project, his acting was surprisingly good, and he also reminded us of how handsome he is.

5. [+1157, -19] The writer drew up the character well too but I think Lee Dongwook portrayed both the grim reaper and the king with such charm.  There's a huge difference between him as the king and as the grim reaper, but he's able to connect the two.  He's incredibly cute when he's the grim reaper and sexy and sorrowful as the king.

6. [+1040, -20] The grim reaper's pretty much the male lead too.... he's the best second male lead that Kim Eun Sook's made.....

7. [+981, -20] Lee Dongwook's amazing.  He was persistent to be cast as the grim reaper.  He's got an amazing mindset.

8. [+1012, -39] It was Kim Woobin's role at first but I heard Lee Dongwook chased after the writer all the way to an airplane because he wanted to play the role. So cool of him to be so passionate like that ㅠㅠ


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