Saturday, 7 January 2017

'We remember', 600,000 citizens gather in remembrance of Sewol tragedy

No Cut News via Daum: 'Sewol, even if the president forgets, we remember' 600,000 gather

1. [+2317, -142] How can the 50 million citizens forget the sadness of that day.  Those memories are still fresh in our minds

2. [+1997, -102] We remember.  The lives that have turned into stars. The grief of those who remained. We won't forget. We're not curious of your 7 hours. What we want to know is why during those hours... these words 'help them escape, do everything you can to get them out of there and save them', why didn't you say them?

3. [+1781, -80] Let's not forget the Sewol tragedy and Park Geun Hye!

4. [+606, -40] Choi Soon Sil who says she 'doesn't know' even after hearing her own voice and seeing the transcripts. Park Geun Hye. Kim Gi Chun. Woo Byungwoo. Kim Jang Soo. Kim Kyung Suk. Jo Yoon Sun. They're all the same.
Do not forget them.
They must be punished.

5. [+574, -38] We must investigate this thoroughly.

6. [+523, -52] Park Geun Hye and those that helped to cover up the truth, you're murderers. Don't deny it. ParkSaMo, you're an accomplice to all of this.

7. [+495, -39] We're thankful that at least you kids survived. Also, we haven't forgotten. How can we ever forget...

8. [+290, -57] ㅋㅋ600,000? The police estimate is 30,000?
And they're saying the rally opposing impeachment was over 30,000? ㅋㅋ

(t/n: There's currently backlash against the police because of their inaccurate estimates regarding the no. of people attending the candlelight rallies and the rally opposing impeachment.  Organizers say about 600,000 gathered whereas the police estimated the number to be only around 24,000.)

9. [+176, -29] Even as 1000 days have passed, I still shed tears because of the Sewol tragedy. No matter how long it takes, I will still scream for them to reveal the truth.


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